Robin Sharma – Hero Genius Legend

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Robin Sharma – Hero Genius Legend
Original Price:  $597
You Just Pay: $39.95
Author: Robin Sharma
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Robin Sharma – Hero Genius Legend
Original Price:  $597
You Just Pay: $39.95
Author: Robin Sharma
Sale Page :_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

You’ve Transformed Your Mind And Spirit With Mindvalley. Now Let’s Transform Your Performance At Your Work
Based On Science. Proven By Results. The 66-Day Challenge To Super Performance With Legendary Coach, Robin Sharma
A New Quest By The Legendary Robin Sharma That Over 66 Days Is Designed To Turn You Into A Hero, Genius And Legend At Your Workplace

This course is for you if you are looking for the tools, mindsets and habits that can help you get to the next level in your career, business, fitness, relationship, impact and even spirituality.
If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that…
From the time you can remember, you have suspected that you have within you what it takes to be a hero, that you have genius-level gifts waiting to be unleashed and that you are born to be legendary in all aspects of life.
Well, your suspicions are correct. High performance have nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with core rituals, routines, and mindset.
But it’s not just the rituals, routines and mindset that you think “are crucial.” There are specific, emerging skills and tools that if you apply immediately, you will see results within days in your work.
That’s why we highly encourage you to read on and discover a revolutionary approach to not only bringing out the gifts you know you have, but also…

To help remove fears within you so that you can aim for visions and goals that you once thought impossible.
To learn the skills of remarkable leaders so that people are inspired to work with you.
To learn the essence of what makes super performers at work – the 1% in a company or business – who they are. It has nothing to do with skills but a particular set of rituals attitude and mindset.
To become so good at what you do that people can’t ignore you.
To develop the same mindset that world class entrepreneurs, sports stars and geniuses have.
To make quantum leaps in your effectiveness at work.
To stay positive and productive at high stress times.
And do all of these without sacrificing your health, your family, or your lifestyle. Because ultimately, productivity has nothing to do with time put in. But with how you spend your time doing the work you’re meant to do.

Robin Sharma
Mindvalley has been recognised for Workplace Happiness (World Most Democratic Workplace Award 10 Years Running) and as Top Ten in Customer Support worldwide by So when you order from Mindvalley, you know your happiness is our top priority.
What You’ve Been Told About Habit Formation Is A Myth
It has been regurgitated over and over and over again by countless personal growth “gurus” from as early as the 1960s…
… That is takes 21 days to form a new habit.
And it is Dr. Maxwell Maltz who is often credited for birthing this idea from his personal growth classic, Psycho-Cybernetics.
We were lead to believe that it didn’t matter what new habit you wanted to adopt, or what bad habit you wanted to get rid off – to quit smoking, to lose weight, to be more productive, to not procrastinate, to start exercising – all you needed to do is grind it out, get past those 21 days, and it’ll become automatic every day after.
But there’s a BIG glaring problem with this oversimplified and idealistic approach…
Dr. Maltz never actually suggested this idea in his book. (His idea was about accepting a new mental image of oneself – NOT habit formation.)
So, it turns out, the 21 day habit formation idea is a complete and utter myth.
Habit formation is far more complex.
But it’s not impossible.
The key in transforming yourself into a super performer lies in incorporating THREE key elements together.

What The Science Really Says About Habit Formation…
According to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes on average, 66 days to transform a new behavior into an automatic habit.

(Not 21 days as most people were lead to believe.)
Which is why the Hero. Genius. Legend. Quest is specifically designed to be 66 days long.
But it’s not just the duration of the program that makes this so effective.
Unlike the majority of online courses that overwhelm you with 10+ hours of content all at once (which has been showed to be a highly ineffective way of learning with a less than 5% completion rate)…
This program is specifically designed as a daily 10-20 minute “challenge” where you’ll unlock one mental model, or one ritual, or one tool of the super performer, over the course of 66 days.
And this creates a powerful phenomenon known as “habit stacking”.
By incorporating a single habit on a daily basis, in a highly specific order, every new idea, tool, or ritual you learn, builds on and supports the previous one – Making the habits more deeply ingrained into the very core of your being.
And before the 66 days are up – You’ll find yourself naturally thinking like a Hero.
But there’s a second critical element of high performance that often gets overlooked.

The Invisible Common Thread Among The World’s Greatest Geniuses
The geniuses, the virtuosos, and the great masters – past and present – are often revered as women and men with exceptional God-given talents.
We’ve dissected just about everything about them – from how they think, to how they work, to how they live – in hopes that we to too can emulate their same brilliance in our own lives.
And while reading an autobiography or an inspirational article about how they performed may give us an instant boost in motivation to strive for high-performance, it’s often short-lived.
For most of us, it doesn’t take long before we revert back to our old ways.
So why is it so hard to sustain the same level of high-performance of these great geniuses?
The answer is less about the genius themselves… And more about the people they surround themselves with.
It’s the people that supported them when they were about to give up.
It’s the people that kept them accountable to their visions and goals.
It’s the people that inspired them when they hit a brick wall.
Which is why, at the heart of the Hero. Genius. Legend Quest, is a tribe of hundreds of like-minded people from around the world who are on the same journey as you, learning the same lessons as you, striving for the same level of high-performance as you – every step of the way.
It’s this supportive Tribe behind you that is the secret rocket-fuel to push you forwards into the world to take inspired action in your work and in your life.
And before long, you’ll start performing like a Genius.
But like trying to sit on a stool with two legs, you need the third “leg” for a solid foundation.
And that third element of what really makes this program one-of-a-kind.
Based On The Ideas, Mental Models, Rituals and Tools Of High Performers
What we’re talking about is a blueprint that includes specific ideas, mental models, rituals and tools that have created fortunes of success and impact for countless heroic billionaires, NBA stars, extraordinary leaders, genius inventors, award-winning artists and famed CEOs.

Imagine a blueprint that makes it automatic for you to…
1. Polish your character so you can shine on your own
2. Exploit your genius hours so you’re always outdoing yourself
3. Raise your bar higher so you have new goals to reach
4. Make your mornings incredible so you can be a champion all day
5. Upgrade your systems of living so you get more things done in less time
6. Pursue excellence in your work so you can stand out in the world
7. Lead from your heart so you can leave a meaningful legacy

So you can live the most amazing life you’re meant to live.
That’s what you can expect from our latest Quest with the Legendary Coach – Robin Sharma.
And it’s called… Think Like A Hero. Perform Like A Genius. Live Like A Legend.

A Revolutionary Training That Invokes In You The Passion, The Creativity, The Intuition, The Resolve And The Focus You Need For Legendary Results And Impact
In just 66 days, the Quest lights a fire, in your being, so bright that nothing will stop you from living your mission on this earth.

It is a journey to unleash your true potential.
Think Like A Hero. Perform Like A Genius. Live Like A Legend. Quest starts on 18th June 2018.
Every day for the next 66 days, you will go through guided real-time coaching with Robin Sharma – who’s one of the most inspiring human beings on the planet.
Robin has sold over 15 million copies of his best-selling books, and in a survey from over 22,000 business leaders, he was rated as one of the Top 5 Influencers worldwide.
You’ll acquire the mindset, the heartset, and the soulset you need to… Think Like A Hero. Perform Like A Genius. Live Like A Legend.
Every day, every week, thousands of students will join you. And Robin Sharma will guide you all together through video coaching.
Every day, you unlock a new genius-level insight. Every week, you step into more of your legendary self.
At the end of this journey, you’ll find that…

You’ve made the life changes you never seemed to be able to make.
You’ve learned more about yourself in these 66 days than your entire life.
You’ve multiplied your health, creativity, intuition, authenticity and happiness.
You’ve installed a mission that’s larger than you and serves humanity.
You’ve leveraged Robin Sharma’s tools, strategies and insights to map out a path to make a mark on the world.
At the end of 66 days, these habits and practices will no longer need your willpower. It becomes automatic.

Why 66 days?
Because according to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes on average, 66 days to transform a new behavior into an automatic habit.
Above all, you’ve found yourself a home for that vision for a great life you carried with you all these years in your heart — the ‘Hero. Genius. Legend.’ community that joined you in this journey with you. You feel supported, encouraged, and inspired by them.

What You’ll Learn
6 Ways You Will Be Transformed
1. You Face Challenges With A Smile
As you go through the program, you’ll find yourself with a mindset of the legends. You’ll find that you’ve risen so much above your everyday problems that you’re no longer bothered by them.

2. See Your Future With Excitement
This program also rewires your brain to let go of your past, release deep-rooted fears and expose the possibilities that lie ahead of you. The result is you’ll feel unstoppable and excited about your future plans.

3. Start Producing Genius-Level Work
As you install the insights, frameworks and daily tactics to unleash peak productivity and focus, you’ll find yourself doing more, quality work in far less time than it used to take you. It’s as if you have super powers.

4. You’ll Feel Younger, Healthier And More Energetic
Because of the lifestyle improvements you make during this program, you’ll experience bodily shifts that make you feel younger, lighter and more energetic with more stamina than you’ve ever had before.

5. You’ll Display Originality In Your Thinking
The day-by-day coaching you’re about to experience in this Quest is scientifically designed to deliver a copious amount of small victories that force your brain to think different and to let go of anxiety.

6. You’ll Be Fiercely Committed To Help The World
As you go through the Quest, you’ll be surprised by your innate capacity to do the extraordinary. This fortifies your beliefs and sets in motion a mission 100X larger than you that benefits the world.


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