Bushra Azhar – Online Persuasion Mastery

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Bushra Azhar – Online Persuasion Mastery
Original Price: $1997
You Just Pay: $139.95 (One Time – 94% OFF)
Author: Bushra Azhar
Sale Page :_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Bushra Azhar – Online Persuasion Mastery
Original Price: $1997
You Just Pay: $139.95 (One Time – 94% OFF)
Author: Bushra Azhar
Sale Page :_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Life-altering Question for Online Experts, Course Creators, Coaches and Online Business Owners Who STILL Don’t Know How to Get an Effortless Impulsive YES Online
If there was a science-backed, psych-approved system of becoming a persuasion powerhouse so you can double, triple, quadruple your sales, conversions, and impact within 24 hours
Would you finally take the leap from the unexciting adventures of no-salehood to being a master persuader who gets a YES, ducks a NO and never settles for a MAYBE?
If your answer is HELL YES, watch the webinar replay below…
Feeling a Tremor of Excitement Run Through Your Body?
If so, you are already coming under the spell of these cheat codes because I have already used at least 5 of them so far on this page and you probably didn’t even notice. That’s how these work—invisibly
In 2020 and Beyond…
Those who don’t master the not-so-dark art of Online Persuasion will be left in the dust by those who do….those are what I call master persuaders.
Let me remind you why I think your future hangs in the balance, why this is so vitally important NOW.
FACT ONE: Almost 60% of internet users multiscreen routinely. On average three days a week & more than 80 minutes per day.
FACT TWO: Only 14% of internet users remember the last ad they saw and only 2.8% thought it was relevant
FACT THREE: Humans face 2,500 Marketing messages a day, they can only respond to TWO of them.
FACT FOUR: You have ZERO control over what the Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Google, Youtube algorithm show to your people.
FACT FIVE: 2,784,068 emails are sent in 1 second and 78,073 YouTube videos are viewed in 1 second..that’s just ONE SECOND.
FACT SIX: 510 million blog posts have been written this year so far (and we are only getting started)
FACT SEVEN: Most advice on persuasion is either too academic (gives you the science & the findings but not actual application) or out-dated (what worked 80 years ago DOES NOT work anymore, yes humans are the same but their consumption habits have changed)
FACT EIGHT: The newest unscientific gimmick, the latest untested tactic, the currently trending invalid ploy your favorite online guru shared with you will stop working in a week.
FACT NINE: Internet screen focus time is less than 40 seconds
FACT TEN: Facebook is running out of ad space, Gmail is tightening spam filters for literally anything business related, Youtube is cracking down on small players and IG is hell-bent on mind-fucking its way to a new newsfeed every 3 weeks.
Download Bushra Azhar – Online Persuasion Mastery right here!
In this stream , I cover everything you need to keep in mind when creating offers for sale on the internet. How to structure the offers, how to price it, name it, how to address the typical mental farts people have around your offer. EVERYTHING.
Here are the cheat codes covered under this stream.
Digging For Diamonds: The only validation tactic you need if you want to increase the success rate of a new product by 300%-500%
Crafting a Unique Signature System (USS): The number one neuro secret to setting your offer apart from everyone in your market with a signature framework
Anatomy of an Irresistible Offer: 7 components of a psychologically gripping offer that’s humanly impossible to ignore
Hypnotic Pricing Secrets: The most idiot-free method to price your offers to create an immediate insatiable hunger in your buyers
“Neuro Your Name: How to use neuroscience to quickly come up with a sticky, memorable, compelling name for your next offer
One Offer 10 Ways: How to sell the exact same offer 10 different ways and still get an OMG-gotta-have-it response every time.
Paradox of Choice and why the perfect balance of choice is crucial for you to sell anything online (or even offline)
The Russian Doll Strategy to present your offer so that it is virtually impossible for people to get it out of their heads.
The Most Idiot-proof Method to make even the most unbelievable and hyped-up claims sound 100% believable.
Online Persuasion Mastery Stream Two: Persuasive Pages
This stream covers everything you need to be aware of when building any page on the internet. It covers everything from copy, paragraphing, word glue, guarantee wording, bullet-writing and desirability boosters.
Here are the cheat codes covered under this stream.
10 Emotion-Arouser Sales Page Openers that work for any market or any product
10 Opt-in Page Openers that Hook Eyeballs & Provoke an Immediate YES
5 Types of Price Rationaliztions that are a MUST for Every Sales Argument
7 Opt-in Page Desirability Boosters to Give Any Page an Immediate Persuasion Makeover
11 Phrases to Triple the Strength of Your Sales Argument
Beyond FOMO: 11 Scarcity Activators that Nudge People to Action Without Making You Look Sleazy
Instant Authority Markers: The 10 Elements to Inject Instant Authority on Your Sales Page
Trust Without Testimonials: 11 Ways to Establish Credibility & Authority Without Testimonials
Sticky Bullet Guide: 7 Bullet Writing Formulas that Work to Freeze the Scroll and Get the Brain Hooked
7 Human Anxieties that Left Unaddressed Can Have the Most Compelling Sales Pages Crumble like Playdough.
A Two-line Sentence You Can Put on Your Checkout Pages to Boost Revenues by 150% or more… without creating a new offer at all!
The Ugly Duckling Trick to make anyone buy from you not because they understand you but because they feel understood
12 P.S. Desire Triggers that can double or even triple your conversion rates by building an insatiable hunger in people
The Dud Repellant Tactic you absolutely must use in your sales page to attract a hoard of your perfect buyer
The “Gone in 60- Seconds” method to help you create such an intense urgency to buy that you will get hatemail if someone misses out (#truestory)
The Most Insidious Desire- crushing Mistake you can EVER make (this is what makes you click away from offers that you thought you were kinda sold on)
Psychology of Bewitching Guarantees: The secret to structuring & wording guarantees that alleviate buying fears, strengthen people’s trust and makes your offer instantly more compelling
The Strategic Difference between “Hard” and “Soft” Calls to Action… and when to use each one to maximize conversions and referrals! (Implement this right away, and you’ll start generating sales and profits almost immediately!)
The One Simple (but often overlooked) Tweak can Immediately Boost Your Opt-in page Conversions by 5-25%… without changing your offer at all!
60 Second Hook Makeover: 7 Step Checklist for Your Most Tantalizing Hook
60 Second Sales Page Makeover: 21 Step Checklist for Your Most Compelling Sales Page EVER
60 Second Opt-in Page Makeover: 10 Step Checklist for Your Highest Converting Opt-in Page EVER
Online Persuasion Mastery Stream Three: Persuasive One-to-Many Presentations
This stream covers every single neuro-tactic you need in your arsenal if you are selling in one-to-many settings. Webinars, livestreams, videos, interviews, speaking from the stage, podcasts…any situation where you are trying to make a personal connection with each individual in a crowd and make them feel understood.
15 Brain Grabbers to Use in Every Live Presentation So people can not switch away even when their subconscious tells them they could watch it later
21 Attention-Snapping Ice Breakers to Use in Your Next Live Presentation for Immediate Rapport
Brain Arousing Power Introductions to use if you want people to hang on to every words you say and give you celebrity status even if you are selling an unproven product with no track record or testimonials.
4 Counter-intuitive Price Pitch Secrets to Use in Your Next One-to-Many Sales Presentation
The Webinar Re-enforcement Sequence to Maximize Live Attendance for Your Webinar or Livestream
Eyes. Hands. Ears Hacks to Get 100% of Your Live Viewers 100% Engaged with You
5 Psych-charged Video Openers that Claw through People’s “wall of indifference” (Do this right and people cannot resist watching the video until the very end because their brains won’t let them click away)
Lucrative Livestreams: How to structure a FB/IG Live for maximum engagement and automatic cash infusions with less than 10 minute prep time
Standing O to Rolling Dough: How to Structure Your Talk for Maximum Impact AND Moolah
11 Room Takeover Secrets to Guarantee You Have Everyone in the Room 100% Engaged with Your Talk
he Simplest Ever Dopamine Hack to Transform Drab and Boring Offers into Riveting “gotta-possess-stuff-of- dreams”. (This one thing has made the 12% conversion rate on webinars my “new normal”)
Online Persuasion Mastery Stream Four: Persuasive Social Media + Ads
This stream covers everything social; ads, videos, posts and everything in-between. We will be looking at platform specific strategies but also human motivations & desires in a social setting. Everything from leveraging the meme culture to adding stickiness to your content is covered.
How to Add Viral Engagement Hooks in your Webinars, Videos, Podcasts & Other Content to Make Sure People Can’t Help but Spread the Word (even those who hate you will be forced too comply)
Be a Dopamine Dealer: How to Get HaHas, OMGs and LOLs on Your Posts Even When You Have the Personality of a Puffer Fish
The Single Most Potent Emotion to Focus on When Posting on Social and How to Use it to Get People to Throw Money at You
The Anti-you Formula For Writing Ads, Sales Page Openers and Video Bumpers that Make You Stand Out Like a Neon Flamingo in the Newsfeed
How to Build Coils of Charm around your social media content and ads so that people can not scroll past it without engaging with it in some way
Algorithm’s Favorite Child: The most favoured social media metric & 10 sneaky ways to incorporate it in your social media posts & ads
5 Star Review Mania: The secret process to getting your first 100 reviews on your podcast, book etc. even if you are brand new and a tiny audience
The Pay it Forward Secret to getting the word out about your new book, podcast, Youtube show
The Sticky Secret Used by Popular Memes that Gets People Instantly Glued to Your Content no Matter How Busy, Distracted or Frenzied They are.
Simple—Sometimes Even Illogical—Brain Grabbers that almost always give you a 200-400% boost in your social media engagement.
13 Types of Sticky Images to use in your ads that latch on to peoples’ psychology and forces them to freeze the scroll and check out what you have to say
The Ultimate Guide to Creating Emotion-Arousing Retargeting Ads that Propel People into Action Immediately
Understanding & Playing The Facebook Algorithm
Understanding & Playing The Instagram Algorithm
Understanding & Playing The Youtube Algorithm
Understanding & Playing The LinkedIn Algorithm
Understanding & Playing The Pinterest Algorithm
The Praise Prize Method to use the power of flattery in your business (science tells us that this is by far the best way to win over people & get them to rally with you)
Online Persuasion Mastery Stream Five: Persuasive Emails
Emails are still the most profitable marketing medium and this stream covers psychological principals that go into using email as a tool to connect and bond with people but also turn them into buyers. There are specific email templates for your to swipe and use in your own marketing campaigns.
Your First 1,000 Subscribers: Bushra Approved List-building Tactics that Get Subscribers AND Sales
7 Non-Negotiables to Include in Your Welcome Email For Quickly Moving People from Subscriber to Buyer
A 5 Day Seduction Sequence to Adopt in Your Emails that Can Help You Create Such an Intense Desire to Buy that You will Have an Inbox Full of Agitated Impatient Super Fans Even Before You Open the Cart.
3 Affinity Activation Angles to Use in Your Next Email to Get Even Your Most Skeptical and Hostile Prospects to Connect with You at a Deep Emotional Level.
An Almost Voodoo Like Story Formula that is Guaranteed to Win You an Almost Rabid Loyalty from Your Audience (it banks on a universal yearning that not a single soul on this earth is immune to)
A Scientifically Proven Way (recently discovered by neurologists) to Transform Your Hate Mail into Endless Fodder for Ads, Emails, Videos etc.
11 Seductive Email Openers to Use in Your Next Email for Automatic Opens, Clicks & Buys
Anatomy of a Super Persuasive Sales Email: The What, The How, The WTF
Understanding & Playing The Gmail Algorithm
Loyalty Activator Welcome Sequence that Builds Brand Likeability, Creates Trust & Produces an Insatiable Hunger for Your Offers
“From Me with Love” Email to Build Life-long Bond with Your Subscribers
“Email From” Persuasion Makeover Checklist
“Email Subject line” Persuasion Makeover Checklist
“Email Tone & Voice” Persuasion Makeover Checklist
Seductive Storytelling in Emails- The Definitive Guide
Tease. Please. Squeeze: The Secret to Writing Curiosity Inducing Emails
The Art of the WC Email — How focusing on this little addressed but powerful emotional trigger can not only skyrocket email open rates, but also build a unique “intimate” bond with your subscribers (one that will instantly double your results)
Online Persuasion Mastery Stream Six: Persuasive Launches
Most launches fail because they don’t tap into human emotion and even when they do, they fail to offer logic rationalizations to deal the deal. This stream covers all emotional triggers that go into creating sold out launches but also offers logic and price rationalization tactics to make sure no sale is left behind.
6 Bushra-Approved Launch Structures that Anyone in any Market Can Use for Outrageous Results
Urgency Enhancers: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Urgency in Your Launch (not just through limited time & quantity)
ROI Maximization Secrets: Psychological Secrets for Maximizing your Return on Investment With Your Launch
15 Psych-Approved Launch Hacks to Double, Triple, Quadruple the Result of Your Next Launch
3 Types of Lust Loop Bonuses to include in your offers if you want to catch people in a lust loop and have them trip over their own two feet trying to give you their money
A Dumbed-down Persuasion Secret from Bestselling Books that No Human Can Resist, Even When Their Rational Brain is SCREAMING at Them That it Cannot Possibly be True.
Online Persuasion Mastery Stream Seven: Persuasive Blogging
This stream covers persuasive blogging in a way you have never seen before. It tackles writing techniques that allow for better readability but also goes into psychological tactics that encourage sharing & vitality.
Here are a few cheat codes covered under this stream.
Visual Writing Secrets: The Definitive Guide to Creating Word Pictures in Your Blogs
7 Ways to Add Eyeball Glue to Your Writing So People Keep Reading and Reading and Reading…
Google’s Favorite Blog: The Hybrid Brain Secrets to Becoming a Google Favorite
The Psychology of Viral: How to Write Blog Posts that Gets Shared Everywhere
The Ultimate Blog Template: How to Structure Your Blog Post for Maximum Impact
11 Snap Openers for Your Blog Posts that Get Immediate Attention and Keep People Reading On
7 Sub-Head Formulas to Entice Scanners and Hook Them to Your Blog Post
The Definitive Guide to Get Published in Major Publications as a Guest Blogger
Lights, Camera, Personality: How to Add Personality to Your Blog Posts No Matter How Dry Your Subject Matter is
Understanding & Playing The Google Algorithm


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