Luisa Zhou – DONE

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Luisa Zhou – DONE
Original Price: $446
You Just Pay: 69.95$(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Luisa Zhou
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Luisa Zhou – DONE
Original Price: $446
You Just Pay: 69.95$(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Luisa Zhou
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

What You Get:
Doing it all differently (a better way)
The “Rule of One” that’ll have you 10’xing your business growth…in just a fraction of the time. (This is my “secret” for building a 6-figure business in less than 4 months…while working a job. And then a 7-figure business in less than a year)
The “anti-productivity” technique that’ll actually have you getting way more done in your business…while requiring a lot less time, and stress!
What to do when you’re not feeling productive so that you’re able to jump back into your business recharged and get more done…without feeling guilty or wasting more time
Why trying to be “efficient” is actually the #1 enemy of getting things done in your business…and the AHA that’ll ensure you never again stress about not getting enough done—so that you can finally enjoy your business and grow much faster too
The one question that’ll help you determine the perfect amount of time to spend on something—so you create the best quality work while not spending a minute more than you need to on it
Opportunities over to-do’s
How I choose which business strategies to focus on and when…thus virtually guaranteeing they’ll “work” for me when I use them (This is how I ensure I never waste time on something that won’t work for me, and the reason why I’ve never had to give up on a strategy after starting it)
The only two types of to-do’s that matter when it comes to growing your business. (At least until you’re well past 7-figures. In the meantime, you’ll have a much smoother and faster time getting there once you start organizing your to-do’s this way)
The only “metric” you need to prioritize your to-do’s so you can get them under control and take back charge of how you spend your time…so that you can once and for all get off that “hamster wheel” of trying to finish a never-ending to-do list
The #1 criteria to use when deciding when to do something…so that you always know when to do what at the perfect time in your business, and thus grow it in the fastest, most profitable way possible
How to grow your business every day no matter how little time you have or how busy you are. (This is how I was able to grow my business even when I was in a job and some days only had 20 minutes, or less, to work on my business)
A New way of working
A powerful technique that’ll help you get what you need to done—no matter how busy your job is, how little time you have, how “imperfect” your working conditions are, or how much you don’t feel like working…so that you’re able to build a business that works for YOU instead of the other way around
A 5-minute exercise that could clear your calendar by 25% or more. (The first time I stumbled upon this exercise, I was able to delete 5+ hours of work—in a week—off my calendar)
How to finish anything you want, including time-consuming content creation, in whatever amount of time you want—or have. (This is how I was able to go from spending hours on each task to knowing with confidence I could get anything done in 30 minutes or less. BY THE WAY: This has nothing to do with the thing itself or getting faster at it)
The “Diver” mindset that’ll have you getting more done than you ever thought possible—because you’ll no longer be held back by overthinking or “perfection paralysis”—which means you’ll be able to grow your business so much faster (This is how I was able to create 20+ best-in-class courses with ease…some in as little as a week!)
What you can learn from one of Oprah’s personal principles to own your time—and in the process, set yourself up for true freedom…of time and money
My personal scheduling policies that allow me to run a 7-figure coaching/course business…while having no more than 10 meetings a month (that includes all meetings—with clients, team members, potential business partners, and more)
How to provide amazing customer service and help your clients get the best results while also protecting your own time. (Once you do this you’ll never again feel like you “have” to go over on coaching calls or dread supporting your clients because it feels so overwhelming and draining…which will also allow you to make more sales with ease because you’re actually enjoying your work and feeling confident in the value you’re providing)
How to handle time bullies—haters, trolls, and unreasonable customers—with grace and strength…including an actual email we sent to an especially unreasonable customer who threatened to “ruin our reputation” if we didn’t give in to their demands
Have your team, audience, loved ones, and everyone around you supporting you in getting things done—instead of being a drain on your time—so you grow your business faster, keep more profits, and have more free time


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