Magali Peysha – Advanced Relationship Coaching

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Magali Peysha – Advanced Relationship Coaching
Original Price: $997
You Just Pay: $49.95 (One Time)
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Magali Peysha – Advanced Relationship Coaching
Original Price: $997
You Just Pay: $49.95 (One Time)
Author:_Magali Peysha
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Who Else Wants To Become A Successful, Prosperous Relationship Coach?
You will save marriages and families, heal workplace problems, become a master communicator, and tap into the prosperity
of a booming 67 billion dollar industry.
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Dear Coach,

Today we’re going to share with you the most important niche in the coaching industry.
Right now, hundreds of millions of people are going to weddings, baby showers, and birthdays. They’re celebrating together and investing deeply in their family life.
In fact, in 2017 people in the U.S. invested over $67 billion with the goal of making their relationships as enjoyable as possible. After all, relationship is one of the deepest human drives we have. For many people, this is their top life priority.
Now, here’s the thing. For millions of people, this isn’t enough. They are looking for help to make their relationships better. And this is where you can have a big impact.
A new kind of professional is on the rise.

This professional gets to:
Transform the lives of individuals, couples, families, and communities, every day.
See every day how their work positively impacts the world around them.
Use powerful strategies for creating greater peace, understanding, and cooperation among people, anywhere they go.
Live the 21st Century Lifestyle – coaching clients from anywhere in the world, on their own terms, while making an incredible income.

This new professional is the Relationship Coach.
Now here’s the cool part…
To become a Relationship Coach you don’t need a special educational background, or years of experience.
You don’t even need to be in a romantic relationship yourself
You don’t need to have business experience or technical know-how.
And you don’t need a psychology or therapy degree (for reasons we’ll share in a minute).
All you have to do is use the powerful system we’re going to share with you.

Mark and Magali Peysha
Over the last 16 years we’ve personally trained over 12,000 life coaches at the certification level – more than any other coaching educator. We’re the authors of the #1 best selling book The Strategic Intervention Handbook and our upcoming relationship book: Love Happier. And our Passion Patterns Relationship training series has helped over a million people to create greater love in their lives.
Now, when we started out as coaches, coaching was a little-known service, mostly used by high-end professionals like athletes, entertainers, and executives.
It’s been a thrill to see hundreds of millions of people from all walks of life waking up to the idea that their life could be greatly improved by working with a coach. There has never been a better time in history to become a coach… than right now.
For us, there is nothing better than seeing our Relationship Coach graduates becoming true experts in the field, speaking, writing, giving workshops, and transforming people’s lives – while making a great income.
Now, Relationship Coaches have some powerful professional advantages that other types of coaching don’t get to enjoy. We call these the Relationship Coaching Superpowers.

The Relationship Coaching Superpowers

Super Power #1: Relationship Coaching is an Enormous “Mega Market”
While the coaching industry is growing by leaps and bounds – it’s nothing compared to the size of the Relationship Coaching Markets. Right now, $2 billion are spent every year on coaching services. That’s huge.
Now compare that to how much is spent by people on relationship services. How much do people spend on relationship therapists and coaches? The answer: $14 billion per year, in the U.S. alone. That’s seven times the size of the coaching market itself!
Now, consider the other markets that are tied to Relationship Coaching. The wedding industry is a $51 billion per year industry in the U.S, with 3 million weddings every year.
These three markets – coaching, relationship services, and weddings – add up to $67 billion per year in spending by ordinary people, every year, within the U.S.
In other words: people invest in their relationships. They invest in creating them, and they invest just as much in protecting, maintaining, and saving them. Relationship Coaches are positioned to thrive in this enormous $67 billion dollar market.

Super Power #2: Relationship Coaching Has Mass Appeal
Often, beginning coaches are shy to explain what coaching is and what they do. “How do I explain coaching?” They often ask.
Relationship coaches don’t have this problem. Everybody knows that when a couple or a family starts having relationship problems, you call a relationship professional. So when someone meets you as a Relationship Coach, you don’t have to do a lot of explaining. People get it. In fact, they often start thinking about the people they can refer to you.
It also means that when people sign up for relationship coaching, they’re serious about it. They understand the commitment. They know it may take 12 weeks or more. And they understand how important it is to their happiness. And your secret, as their coach, is that, with the right strategies, your clients will start seeing big changes sooner than they think.

Super Power #3: Relationship Coaches are Highly Valued
Every town has institutions devoted to supporting marriages and family. This includes religious organizations, schools, after-school programs, and other public organizations and services. Because these organizations care about the health and well being of families, they are the Relationship Coach’s natural allies.
Each of these organizations has a leader who is trusted in their community. People are constantly asking for their help and advice. The problem is that these leaders don’t have the time or expertise to coach everybody who asks for help. They need a Relationship Coach to refer to!
When you come into the picture as a well-trained Relationship Coach, you solve this problem for the whole community. The leader looks to you as a trusted partner and, whenever they are asked for help, they refer people to you. Many coaches receive a dozen client referrals a week from their referral sources.
When a Relationship Coach helps a couple, people in the community also notice and share the coach’s name. We all know somebody who wants to improve their relationships, right? Relationship Coaches often receive a steady stream of referrals from their clients and clients’ families. This minimizes the need for marketing so you can focus on changing lives.
This makes Relationship Coaches the most-referred type of coach in the world.

Super Power #4: Relationship Coaches Transform Generations
As a relationship coach, you go to sleep at night knowing you are making the world a better place for generations to come.
Children grow up in an environment created by their parents and families. Any positive shift in this environment creates an enormous change in the child’s life. When parents love each other more, when they communicate better, when they cooperate better as parents, a child’s life is totally transformed.
When a couple, family, or any two people discover a way to improve their relationship, they get very excited. The changes create a shift in the quality of their lives. These changes are often permanent and often last for generations. The child learns and passes their new skills on to their children. It changes the way generations live in the future.
So, by creating areas of progress in the life of a couple or a family, the impact is felt deeply by hundreds of people over the coming decades. The impact you have as a relationship coach is exponential and lasts generations. It’s a true legacy.
Super Power #5: Relationship Coaching is Fast-Acting
Most people don’t realize that relationship coaching is one of the fastest-acting forms of coaching. Relationship coaching is fast for one simple reason: you’re helping people find something they already have.
You see, in many kinds of coaching people are trying to get something they’ve never achieved before – for instance a new career or business.
Relationship coaching is often much faster because the love, commonality, and shared values between two people are often already there. It’s just matter of finding what works and making it better.
When you have the right strategies to help clients discover this, they are instantly grateful and excited.

Super Power #6: Many People Now Prefer Coaching to Therapy
Public opinion is changing, and many people would prefer to see a Relationship Coach than a therapist. Why? Because many people would rather improve their relationship without being diagnosed with a medical or mental health condition, which is what often happens in therapy.
Many people realize that relationship problems come from the way they are communicating with each other. They see clearly that, with better tools and skills, they could resolve their problems faster, find greater harmony, and experience more love.

Relationship Coaches charge the same rates as therapists – and often more. This is because well-trained Relationship Coaches deliver incredible results to their clients, the same or better as therapy.
Relationship Coaches Transform
All Types of Relationships
Relationship Coaches can focus on marital and romantic relationships. However, relationship coaching tools can be applied to any situation where two people want to improve the way they understand each other and cooperate.

Think about it. In your community there are:
Family businesses looking to balance family and business issues
Young couples with young children struggling with their workload
People of all ages looking for guidance in their dating life
Divorcees looking to make their next step
Parents looking to feel closer to their adult children
Families dealing with a major life transition
Adult siblings who would like to heal and grow together.
Imagine having the powerful coaching strategies that will lead these people to the next level of growth and satisfaction in any of these situations.

Advanced Relationship Coach
Certification Training
First: We install in you the confidence to handle any kind of relationship challenge that comes your way. We do this by showing you how there are certain relationship patterns associated with every single situation you will deal with. When you recognize the relationship dynamic, you can create a simple change that makes a profound difference.
Second: You’re getting the most focused, complete, and effective Relationship Coach Training in the industry. We know Relationship Coaches need: session plans, systems for educating couples, live practice, and mentors who are there every week to support you and develop your talents. We have “seen it all” and have distilled this experience into easy-to-understand strategies and scenarios. And when you have a question about a relationship client, we’ll be there to answer your questions.
Third: Our small class size means you get more personalized support from Mark and Magali as your teachers. We keep class size down so that we can follow the progress of every student who wants personal interaction with us. And this makes us happy because we want to have students who we know have been trained to a high level – students whose strengths we understand and can vouch for. We have a vested interest as well, because we do hire some of our own graduates to represent the Strategic Intervention brand as coaches.

The training not only transformed me as a person, but it also helped me transform my relationship with my husband, with my parents, with my kids, with my friends, with the world in general. There’s no word that would describe how much this training helped me change everything in my life, and bring more love and compassion and joy to my family.
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You Get Three Trainings in One

Training 1: The Advanced Relationship Coach Training System
This is a self-led certification training you can take at your own pace from anyplace in the world. You’ll learn exactly how to work with individuals, couples, and families to improve their relationship and communications. You’ll learn concepts to teach your clients, strategies to use in your coaching, and classes you can teach. Because different people have different learning styles, the training is presented in different modalities. You get:

Relationship Coaching Video Models with everything you need to understand key concepts in a structured way.
Demonstrations of us using the strategies – Every strategy we teach you can also see in action in a real coaching session.
Question and answer sessions answering the most typical questions.
Six months of live weekly Q&A sessions where you can ask any question, get support with anything in your life as a client, and get support as a coach with any of your client work.
Six months of phone based practice lab sessions where you learn a strategy and then get paired with another student to do coaching practice on your own phone line.
We purposefully offer abundant live training times so that everyone has the opportunity to get personal support. You do not need to attend all the sessions to become certified.
This training will Certify you as an Advanced Relationship™ Coach from the Center for Strategic Intervention – making it clear that you’re a dedicated Relationship Professional.

Training 2: Passion Patterns Relationship Educator System
Passion Patterns is our 12 week relationship education and coaching series for couples. This is a way to teach Passion Patterns to help people to improve their relationships. This system includes structured lectures, demonstrations, step by step video sequence, and a video recording of the Passion Patterns Live training.
When you get certified in Passion Patterns, you also get a 2 year license to offer this 12 module relationship coaching system to your coaching clients. One of the best ways to build your authority and to feed your coaching practice is to offer small group coaching and classes. So this is a turnkey system you can offer in person in your community so that people learn your approach to coaching and start filling your practice. This is a powerful way to establish yourself in your community as a relationship coach and is a great way to get a stream of client referrals.
Note that this license is limited to small groups of 30 or fewer people, and for in person coaching only – not to be used online. Continuing the license beyond the initial term requires additional yearly training.
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I’ve started working with couples partway through the training, because you gave me strategies that I could do to help the couples. So I felt confident immediately in working with couples, even before the training was completed, and I’m doing it!
Training 3: Coaching Practice Blueprint
This is a turnkey system for setting up a financially lucrative practice as a Relationship Coach™. We have streamlined the process so that you can start getting a lineup of paid clients within weeks of starting your training. This training will also come with a unique Relationship Coach Marketing module with exact language for you to use for your practice. The world needs Relationship Coaches. Every community has hundreds of clients who desperately need help. So with this marketing system you don’t have to develop the language or the marketing yourself. Instead, focus on what you do best – coaching.
Total Coaching Blueprint Will Show You:

How to get your first 10 full-paid clients without doing any technology whatsoever.
The one thing you should offer everybody who seems interested in your services.
How to introduce “what you do” in a social setting that prompts the other person to share.
Everything you need to know about your “back office” including taking payment, insurance, and other essentials.
How to understand “client mind” – what every client asks themselves when they begin with a new coach.

Why coaching is the fastest way to make a high income per hour in the personal development field.
What the marketing gurus don’t tell you about making money online.
How to maximize your effectiveness when setting up your practice (and what not to do).
How to avoid the pain of having to “niche” or “specialize” your practice, and instead harness your true inspiration.
How to create a referral network in your backyard that will send you clients for years to come.


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