Marketing Business (MB) Summit 2019

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Marketing Business (MB) Summit 2019
Original Price: 97€
You Just Pay: $59.95(One Time 88% OFF)
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Marketing Business (MB) Summit 2019
Original Price: 97€
You Just Pay: $59.95(One Time 88% OFF)
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

 Change, Your Opportunity for Success!
Dario Silvestri: Coaching and Motivation
The need to know and interpret Change, innovation and trends presented by the market by becoming able to turn them into concrete opportunities to develop profitable business models and achieve the success we deserve.
 Ranking higher with Content Marketing for SEO
Viola Eva: SEO
How to create an editorial plan that takes into account your business objectives, user search intent and SEO solutions? Eva will explain you how to plan a data-driven content strategy, showing you how to understand search intents and different types of content with Keyword Research and how to do competitive keyword analysis.
Alessandro Agostini Linkedin
 Featured Snipet Optimization and Google BERT
Alessandro Agostini: BERT & SEO
Featured Snippets are such an important part of SEO and digital marketing now. Featured snippets are those information boxes with quick answers that show up above traditional search results. You want to appear in them to drive increased traffic to your site. This presentation will show how!
 Clinic Link Building: thanks to our link building efforts, grow their traffic up to 300% within only a few months
Alexandra Tachalova : Link Building win to win
In this speech, I’m not going to share silver bullets, magical how-tos, or secret strategies that will bring you thousands of links. I’ll give you something way better. I share my 3+ years of experience in building links and uncover how exactly I land links for our clients (including their commercial pages). I’ll share real stories of how some of my clients have grown their traffic up to 300% and have dramatically increased their number of acquired clients within only a few months after I start working with them. Also, I’ll share what kind of strategies we were using to acquire those links. The biggest plus of my link building approach is that you don’t need to use expensive tools, hire a top-notch digital agency, or even write a masterpiece to start building links to your site. Even average content could easily be promoted to the top of Google if you know what to look for.
 DEEP DIVE: SEO, CRO & E-commerce
Craig Campbell, Joe di Siena+Robert Niechciał : Case Studies Session
Practical Lab: over 1 hour focused on case studies about SEO, CRO and E-commerce. Some speakers will answer to all your questions and doubts.Craig Campbell Black Hat SEO & link building incredible case studies!Joe di Siena:How to sell your product at no cost and generate 60k of Affiliate Commisson in one weeRobert Niechciał :Advanced semantic optimization for Ecommerce – 3x visibility in 2 months – Case study .
 Spying On Google: How To Use Log File Analysis To Reveal Invaluable SEO Insights
Faisal Anderson : CBO e Log File
Faisal will explain step by step how to analyze the Log Files, which tools to use for SEO and through a case study will show you how to improve the visibility of your website through the analysis of the Logs.
 How to rank “lorem ipsum” texts for any keyword on Google: I’ll tell you my secret!
Kyle Roof: SEO Case Study
Lessons from my adventures in lorem ipsum on how you can rank for just about any keyword.
 Journey to $100K Monthly Recurring Revenue with Affiliate Marketing & Authority Sites
Gareth Daine: How to create a 100K business per month with Affiliate Marketing
I’ll talk about my journey and my progress to reaching my goal of going from $0 to $100k per month growing affiliate sites with SEO, whilst scaling a digital marketing agency and using the profits to reinvest in authority and niche affiliate sites. I’ll talk about how I got started, what I did over the coming 9 months, and where I’m at. I’ll go into detail about the previous two years building my personal brand online, particularly with video, networking, and then embarking on this huge project. I’ll take people step-by-step through the wins, the fails, and the processes and strategies I implemented along the way to hit my target.It’ll be one hell of a story and a hugely beneficial and valuable insight for people.
 Case Study Ecommerce UIX : How to increase sales by 1M with the Redesign
Francesco Chiappini E-commerce UIX & Lead Generation
How important is a good UIX in ecommerce and how much does it impact on the increase in conversions? I’ll show you a case study in which you’ll discover how to approach a Redesign of an Ecommerce and apply the best practices step by step that have led to a 30% increase in sales with an increase in total turnover over the year of one million euros! Not to be missed!
 Ecommerce Data Tagging: step by step automation process that has allowed to increase sales by 54%
Luca Mastella : Ecommerce automation
In this speech Luca will talk about how it is possible to tag our users based on their online behavior and how to use this data to improve their experience and, consequently, our performance. To make it more tangible I will show a case study on an Australian ecommerce increasing the turnover through email marketing automation and data analysis.
 Digital identity: the pitfalls hidden in the web that no one has ever revealed to you
Alessandro Vercellotti: Legal Web
In this digital age the protection of online identity is a huge problem both for people and for Companies. From online defamation to negative reviews, from domain name protection to the right to oblivion, Alessandro will explain how to deal with the new legal challenges in the age of online businesses where the reputation on the web is one of the main elements revealing secrets, tips and hidden pitfalls.
 Sell-Online like a PRO
Leonardo Saroni: Integrated Marketing
How to sell a product that nobody knows and nobody searches through an integrated strategy on Google, Facebook and Amazon.


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