Meet Kevin – Real Estate Investing

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Meet Kevin – Real Estate Investing
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Author:_Meet Kevin
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Meet Kevin – Real Estate Investing
Original Price: $497.00
You Just Pay: $49.95 (One Time – 90% OFF)
Author:_Meet Kevin
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire & Beyond
Small deals. Big deals. And everything in-between. Start to finish with high detail. For new & experienced investors looking for a fresh perspective to make $.
Thank you for considering the decision to transform your life and live the life of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor — One of Wealth and Passive Income; Congratulations! Here’s more information for you on what Kevin does here. Also, check with your CPA as this may be a tax-deduction against your business or investments (Kevin is told many deduct this).
Update February 29, 2020: New Lectures are Releasing Over the next 6 Weeks on Contracts, Negotiations, and More. These are free/included for all members new and existing. Note: As more content releases, the price will go up. If you’re already a member or join today, all future content is included for free.
Welcome – Is This Right For You?
Meet Kevin teaches the principles and fundamentals of real estate investing to take you to the next level of wealth no matter what your experience is:
360+ LIFETIME-ACCESS lectures benefit you no matter if you:
✅Have ZERO Investing Experience.
✅Have SOME Investing Experience.
✅You’re Looking for Passive Income and Cashflow.
✅You’re Looking for a Side-Hustle to Build Wealth.
✅You’re Hunting for Deals (Including wholesaling topics!).
✅You’re Licensed OR NOT.
✅You Speak English (Useful Globally / Internationally).
Or you are:
✅A Brand-New Investor ($0 Net Worth) — Step-by-step guide.
✅A Somewhat Experienced Investor ($25,000-250,000 Net Worth).
✅An Experienced Investor ($250,000+ Net Worth).
✅ALSO extremely useful for: Agents, brokers, lenders, CPAs, & industry members (clients expect you know this; why not make it easy for you to make sure you do?).
Meet Kevin’s Mission Statement:
❇️Teach the specific mechanics to live the lifestyle of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor. This means knowing more than “cap rate,” “ROI,” and some other basic real estate textbook topics and spreadsheets. This is much more. THIS teaches you the psychology needed to succeed as a Millionaire investor for life, the art of negotiation and deal making, and how to make passive income and cashflow.
What You Get:
✳️Over 360+ HIGH-QUALITY Lectures to enable your Mastery of Real Estate.
✳️Daily (Market Open), Private Group Livestreams with Kevin (AKA mentoring through 2020 guaranteed).
✳️Access to our Private Group Discord channel with Kevin (The best way to reach Kevin is to attend the livestreams, though Kevin does reply to most questions on Discord).
✳️Lifetime access to recorded livestreams & lectures.
✳️Free Teachable App access to Watch Courses on the go.
✳️Set custom Playback speed.
✳️New Lectures are Regularly Added (Example: Market trends or law changes).
⚠️Pricing *has to* go up as more members join to fully support the streams and Discord channel. Lock in the today’s pricing as pricing has already increased.
You Will:
🔰Learn how to build your net worth INSTANTLY with Wedge Deals.
🔰Learn how to build your cashflow and passive income.
🔰Learn the psychology of the investing in real estate and mastering deals.
🔰Learn how to communicate with contractors, agents, lenders to get the best DEALs and make them smooth.
🔰Understand not just the textbook fundamentals of how to calculate cashflow, but how to actually FIND cashflow and what it means to you — look at real estate from a different perspective.
🔰This is much more than an overview of real estate investing. It’s a way to change your mindset and let you become a life-style real estate investor.
🔰When you master this lifestyle, passive income and any of your visions will be significantly easier to attain.
☑️Content will continue to be added FOR FREE as time goes on.
☑️Content will continue to be available after purchase with lifetime access.
☑️Since we are offering access to our private livestreams and private Discord channel at purchase, we cannot offer refunds.
☑️You can search my reputation on Yelp “Meet Kevin” and see that my reputation is very important to me.
☑️The livestream schedule may change (more might be added, different times, etc.).
☑️At some point into the future, the *new* livestream schedule may reduce. All previous content remains for life. Livestreams guaranteed through 2020.
Targeted Students
This course will be wide ranging covering topics for all investors including beginner, intermediate, & advanced investing topics.
New investors will learn ground-up knowledge from how to start AT ANY AGE (we’ll have various start points and segments to share exactly recommended courses for starting at various ages).
Advanced investors may benefit from a new perspective on topics they thought they were already experts on (such as negotiations, dealing with tenants and contractors, etc.).
Is this Also good for International Investors (outside United States?): 🛄Yes, it would be! About 25 to 30% of our students are international students. Kevin aims to teach fundamentals and principles that are applicable globally. Certainly we might use some examples specific to the United States and if you understand the concepts, you will be able to apply them globally. This is why we say we like to teach rather than give you some cheat sheets simply to copy. Student who learn this information will be able to adapt it to their local region within 20 to 30 minutes of talking to a local lender or agent (in their circles).
📣Curriculum (Even More Will be Added Overtime):📣
Course 2.0 Release (Free Upgrade for Existing Members Prior to November 1, 2019]
[This section releases November 1; all sections below this are already fully available. I promised to add more and will continue to do so to help you].
✅[Releases 11-1-19] The Gold-Standard for Plumbing Updates [ONLY Use this System! Demand Plumbers Use THIS]
✅[Releases 11-1-19]NEW Information on LLC Formation
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Exact Steps to Start TODAY
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Buyer Letters with Offers
✅[Releases 11-1-19]More Before/After 3D Tours
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Minimum Reserve Threshold & Tenant Deposits
✅[Releases 11-1-19]New Information: HELOC / RELOCs to Leverage Deals
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Rental ROI Theory
✅[Releases 11-1-19]What is Rental-Grade vs Slumlord vs Over improved?
✅[Releases 11-1-19]International: What if You Can’t get a Fixed-Rate Mortgage?
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Rental Analysis Spreadsheet: Detailed Look.
✅[Releases 11-1-19]”Ideal Equity” for Recession
✅[Releases 11-1-19]New Tips: Negotiations in Competitive Markets
✅[Releases 11-1-19]UPDATED: Save 15-25% at Lowes
✅[Releases 11-1-19]The End-Game
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Discord Tips / How to Get the Most Out of Discord & Livestreams
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Updates to Credit Backs
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Updates to Deal Hunting
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Updates to Private/Hard Money
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Pitching Private Money / Loans
✅[Releases 11-1-19]THIS Insurance Loophole Saved me $35,000
✅[Releases 11-1-19]AirBnB Cashflow Analysis
✅[Releases 11-1-19]AirBnB Expectations
✅[Releases 11-1-19]Wholesaling CRMs
All Below This Are Already Available:
Section 1: Welcome / Announcements.
✅1.1: Course Overview & Initial Introduction.
✅1.2: 3 Bits / Tricks to NAIL this Course.
✅1.3: Crucial Economic Principle for a Strong Foundation in Real Estate.
✅1.4: Two Things to do NOW (Before Starting).
Section 2: Mindset.
✅2.1: The Mentality of a Millionaire Investor.
✅2.2: Should you, or when can you, quit your job? Should you be an agent?
✅2.3: The Personality of the Millionaire Investor.
✅2.4: Communication MUSTS.
Section 3: Your Finances.
✅3.1: Guns & Butter.
✅3.2: Credit & Credit Cards.
✅3.3: How $1 of Debt Affects Qualifying / Investing (DTI/Front-end/Back-end). (With Download).
✅3.4: Compound Interest (With Download).
✅3.5.1: Important Investing Conclusions from: Future-Value Calculations (W/ Download).
✅3.5.2: Important Investing Conclusions from: Present-Value Calculations. (W/ Download).
✅3.6: The Financial Dream Calculator (With Download).
✅3.7: Do this RIGHT NOW to START Investing in Real Estate.
✅3.8: Break-Even Analysis (Selling & Loan Example (With Download)).
✅3.9: Net Present Value (W/ Download).
✅3.10: Credit Freezes & Identity Theft.
Section 4: Your Circles.
✅4.1: Your Primary Circle.
✅4.2: Your Secondary Circle.
✅4.3: How to find great… [Agents, Managers, Lenders, Contractors, Etc.]
✅4.4: How you fit in, grinding, and discounts.
✅4.5: Do you want to be an agent to represent yourself (commission, taxes, etc.).
✅4.6: Discounts from your Agent.
✅4.7: Partners / Joint Ventures.
Section 5: Shopping for Real Estate.
✅5.1: “The Secret Agent” Fallacy & The Best Way to Hunt.
✅5.2: Open Houses.
✅5.3: Online Deal Alerts.
✅5.4: Title Letters
✅5.4.5: Risk. Are you missing the point?
✅5.5: ‘Driving for Dollars,’ like the Wholesalers do.
✅5.5.5: Water Trick.
✅5.6: Associations (HOAs). Should you buy in one?
✅5.7: Qualifying Associations < Important for any HOA Purchases)
✅5.8: What if I’m going to be leaving the area? Or I’m uncertain?
✅5.9: Staying in a house “forever.”
✅5.10: “Cheap” homes and apartments.
✅5.11: Climate & Location & more on Cheap Homes.
✅5.12: Wholesalers << YES, Wholesaling Real Estate.
✅5.13: Wholesaling << YES, Wholesaling Real Estate.
✅5.14: Pickiness Fallacy.
✅5.15: Ever-wait Fallacy.
✅5.16: Build Fallacy — DANGEROUS.
✅5.17: Magic Spreadsheets.
✅5.18: Biggest purchase of your life.
Section 6: Financing.
✅6.0: Do this Now.
✅6.1: Introduction to Loans: Notes, Note Rate, Principal, Simple Interest, Promissory Notes.
✅6.2: Origination, Nominal Rates, & Balloon Payment, & Advice.
✅6.3: Prepay & Pre-payment Penalties // Commercial vs Residential.
✅6.4: Call, Call Option, Margin Call, Protections, Due on Sale, Term, Trading Notes.
✅6.5: Interest Only & Advice.
✅6.6: Loan Terms: APY & APY: What Are They and Do They Matter?
✅6.7: Shop for the Best Loan: Rates & Discount Points (ALWAYS Ask THIS)
✅6.8: Should you Pay Points (HIGHLY MISUNDERSTOOD)
✅6.9: How I get FREE LOANs on Flips.
✅6.10: Shop for the Best Loan: Which Options are the WORST??? **TRAPS!** [Spreadsheet].
✅6.11: What is “Locking” and Should I do it? When? Can’t I wait?
✅6.12: What is Amortization and Why do I Care? Bottom Line Me.
✅6.13: Pre-qualification vs Pre-Approval + Sample Calculations.
✅6.14: What is DU and UW? Does it Matter? + SECRET TRICK To becoming a very Powerful Buyer.
✅6.15: The Gold Standard for Loans: Best loan you could EVER GET (International & US).
✅6.16: USA: Most Common Loans & Mortgage Insurance (PMI): Tips and Tricks.
✅6.17: USA: Uncommon Loans (Skippable Section): USDA, CalVet, Down Payment Assistance, Affordable.
✅6.18: FHA 203k Loan (MUST WATCH for ANY Renovation Loan Questions).
✅6.19: Rental Property & Conventional Renovation Loans.
✅6.20: USA: Small Business Administration (SBA) Acquisition, Refinance, and Renovation Loans.
✅6.21: Good to Know: Affordable Housing SUCKS.
✅6.22: Global: Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) and International 10-Year / Fixed-Rate Loans.
✅6.23: What is Loan Servicing?
✅6.24: Will my Loan be Sold?
✅6.25: What are Portfolio Loans?
✅6.26: What are Impounds / Are their Discounts for Getting These?
✅6.27: Is there a benefit to putting more than 20% or 25% down on a Rental Property?
✅6.28: Is there a benefit to putting more than 20% down on a Principal Residence Property?
✅6.29: What is Hardmoney Financing?
✅6.30: What are Private-Money Loans?
✅6.31: What is a “Note” Made up of? (Real Sample with Download).
✅6.32: What is a “Deed” Made up of? (Real Sample with Download).
✅6.33: What is a “Loan Agreement” Made up of? (Real Sample with Download).
✅6.34: What are “No PMI” Loans? Are they a SCAM?
✅6.35: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Intro.
✅6.36: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Qualifying Sellers.
✅6.37: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Qualifying Buyers.
✅6.38: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Bottom Line.
✅6.39: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Sample Contract.
✅6.40: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Tax Implications.
✅6.41: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Why it’s Done.
✅6:42: Lease Option (Rent to Own): Intro.
✅6.43: Lease Option (Rent to Own): Pros & Cons.
✅6.44: Lease Option (Rent to Own): Sample Contract.
✅6:45: All-Inclusive Deeds of Trust (AITDs) or Wrap-Around Loans.
✅6.46: Appraisals: What is Market Value?
✅6.47: Appraisals: Biggest Misconception.
✅6:48: Appraisals: Refinances.
✅6.49: How to Interact with Appraisers and Increase Success.
✅6.50: Options IF an Appraisal Comes in Low. TRICK to SAVE THE DEAL!
✅6.51: Hack Appraisals During REO Deals (This ALONE Pays for the Course).
✅6.52: What to and not To Say to an Appraiser.
✅6.53: Pitfalls of Refinancing.
✅6.54: Organizing Pre-approval Documents (IMPORTANT for Speedy Deal Acceptances).
✅6.55: Cross-Qualifying and Switching Lenders.
✅6.56: Loan Broker vs Direct Lender & Wholesale Lines of Credit.
✅6.57: Loan Level Price Adjustments and WHY You Care.
✅6.58: How to Calculate Payments (Skip the Calculator; Mostly).
✅6.59: Quick Trick: Calculating Payments FAST.
✅6.60: Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Pricing METRIC < Important.
✅6.61: How to get rid of Mortgage Insurance.
✅6.62: VA (Veteran) Loans.
✅6.63: VA (Veteran) Loan Investing.
✅6.64: VA (Veteran) “NO NO” Loans.
✅6.65: 3 Reasons to Refinance.
✅6.66: Extra Pitfalls for Refinancing.
✅6.67: The “Free Refinance.”
✅6.68: Mello-Roos Assessments (Important for Potential Wedge Deals).
✅6.69: Hidden Real Estate Secret: Depreciation of Properties.
✅6.70: What happens when you get to 0 (Full Depreciation).
✅6.71: What are Capital Improvements.
✅6.72: How Lenders Qualify Rental Income.
✅6.73: Hidden Secret to Qualifying for Loans.
✅6.74: How to Businesses Hack Depreciation for Qualifying.
✅6.75: How to Hack Depreciation for EVERYONE.
✅6:76: How to RENT Prior Property and BUY NEW Property.
✅6:77: Having a Lease PRIOR to Closing.
✅6.78: Reserve Money and a Reserves HACK.
✅6.79: Secondary Notes vs Cash-Out Refinance.
✅6.80: HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit).
✅6.81: RELOC (Rental Property Line of Credit).
✅6.82: BLOC (Business Line of Credit).
✅6.83: Trick Loan: 80-10-10.
✅6.84: Occupancy Ratios.
✅6.85: Paying a Loan off Early.
✅6.86: Should you Refinance: The Hidden Mentality You Need.
✅6.87: Most Important Action on your Loan Docs.
✅6.88: GFE/LE/CD (Loan Estimate: Closing Disclosures).
✅6.89: Estimated Closing Statement (IMPORTANT) + Final Closing Statement.
✅6.90: Call Provisions, Technical Defaults, & Trust Transfers.
✅6.91: Assignments (Including Wholesalers’ Assignments).
✅6.92: Leverage Returns Cash vs Loan.
✅6.93: DANGER: Over-Leverage.
✅6.94: Never Give a Lender This.
✅6.95: Commercial Financing.
Section 7: Valuation.
✅7.1: What is “The Market.”
✅7.2: When is a Property NOT “Actually” on the Market.
✅7.3: Days on the Market.
✅7.4. Charting Median Value.
✅7.5: What is the Market Value Range (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT LECTURE).
✅7.6.1: Comparable Sales.
✅7.6.2: Comps – Where to Find Them.
✅7.7: Comps – Square Footage FATAL Mistake.
✅7.8: Comps – Condition Types AND Important Trick to Save Deals.
✅7.9: Comparable Sales Approach & Adjustments.
✅7.10: Additions (Addons) and Valuation.
✅7.11: Cost-to-Build Approach.
✅7.12: Income Approach: GRM (Gross Rent Multiplier). Tricks.
✅7.13: Income Approach: NOI (Net Operating Income). Tricks.
✅7.14.1: Income Approach: Cap Rate.
✅7.14.2: Income Approach & DSCR.
✅7.15: How much can I Negotiate?
✅7.16. Spaghetti Strategy vs Intent Strategy.
✅7.17: Escalator clause to get DEALS.
✅7.18: “Buying Normal” and “Yeah Buts.”
✅7.19: Things that Won’t Show Up in Valuations BUT MATTER!
✅7.20: Location & Growth: Where to Invest.
✅7.21: What if Prices Fall? Trends.
✅7.22: Seasonality.
✅7.23: Accessory Dwelling Units.
✅7.24: ARV (After Repair Value) and Buy/Hold vs Flip.
✅7.25 Wedge Deals: Type 1. C.
✅7.26: Wedge Deals: Type 2: O.
✅7.27: Wedge Deals: Type 3. R.
✅7.28: Common Utilities & Sub-Metering.
✅7.29: Cash on Cash Returns: The Truer ROI.
✅7.30: What to Look for in a “Tour” or “Walk” of a Deal.
✅7.31: Improvement Potential / Forced Appreciation.
✅7.32: On-Site Management & Reputation.
✅7.33: Expense cutting.
✅7.34: Rent increases / Rule and Valuation.
✅7.35: Vacancy Factor on apartment complexes vs houses.
✅7.36: Estimating Rent Value.
✅7.37: Permitting by Others.
✅7.38: Finding data on the Market. (StL.)
✅7.39: Pools.
✅7.40: Additions.
✅7.41: Why Exit Strategies and IRR (internal rate of return) are DANGEROUS.
Section 8: Negotiation.
✅8.1: How to Fish for Information: Dealing with Sellers.
✅8.2: The BEST Question to Ask in Negotiations with Sellers (HIGHLY IMPORTANT).
✅8.3: How to Use that Information: Dealing with Sellers.
✅8.4: How to Fish for Information: Dealing with Buyers.
✅8.5: How to Use that Information: Dealing with Buyers.
✅8.6: Terms to Give as a Seller.
✅8.7: Terms to Give as a Buyer.
✅8.8: When to Use Deadlines and Line in the Sand (When to use / when Not to).
✅8.9: In-Deal Renegotiations as a Buyer.
✅8.10: In-Deal Renegotiations as a Seller with BONUS TRICK and Buying Hack.
✅8.11: CLUES to RUN After an Inspection.
✅8.12: Appraisals, Assessments, and Market Value.
✅8.13: Unpriced Properties [Specifically Large-Scale Apartment Buildings or Commercial].
✅8.14: “Subject To” Offers on Income-Producing Units [Larger Deals].
✅8.15: How Prior Owner “Length of Ownership” Affects your Negotiations.
✅8.16: Contract Terms: As Is.
✅8.17: Credits and LIMITS on Credits.
✅8.18: Mentioning Repairs Upfront.
✅8.19: Asking for Repairs Upfront.
✅8.20: “Floating” Offer.
Section 9: Closing Costs.
✅9.1: Title Insurance & Appurtenances. PLUS Hidden Secret — Example Where Client Lost.
✅9.2: Escrow & Attorneys: The Middle.
✅9.3: Should You Have Impounds or Not?
✅9.4: Can Impounds Go Up or Down?
✅9.5: Supplemental Taxes & Non Disclosure States.
✅9.7: Title Binders — Save Big on your Deals.
✅9.8: Property Taxes and Insurance as Closing Costs and Credit Card.
✅9.9: Hazard / Fire Insurance, Renter’s Insurance, Vacant-Home Insurance.
✅9.10: Commissions and Realtor Rant.
Section 10: Inspections.
✅10.1: Home / Property Inspection and Trick for Handling the Reports.
✅10.2: Foundation Issues.
✅10.3: Contractors, The MOST Important Question for Timing, Sample Discussions/Negotiations.
✅10.4: Sub-Contractors for Inspections / Handling vs Contractors.
✅10.5: I want to Move a Wall & Engineers AND BONUS TRICK.
✅10.6: Chimneys and Rental Hack.
✅10.7: Sewers and Warning.
✅10.8: Septic.
✅10.9: Permitting and Big Forewarning with Camera Trick.
✅10.10: Radon.
✅10.11: Lead Based Paint and YOUR Solution to Deal with it.
✅10.12: Asbestos.
✅10.13: Mudslides.
✅10.14: EQ and Hurricanes (Insurances & Big Tip).
✅10.15: Mold Impact, Remediation, and Inspections.
Section 11: Renovations.
✅11.1: Sale Renovations: Top-Priority Items.
✅11.2: Sale Renovations: Lowest-Priority, Lower-Cost Enhancements.
✅11.3: Sale Renovations: NEVER Spend on for a Sale.
✅11.4: Sale Renovations: Flips and Special Considerations.
✅11.5: Rental Renovations: Less, but More.
✅11.6: Personal Renovations and Rule for Investors.
✅11.7: Addons.
✅11.8: Permitting Fork in the Road.
✅11.9: Have every Contractor do This.
✅11.10: Doing work yourself: Follow this Rule.
✅11.11: The CORRECT Way to Plan & Shop Construction Jobs.
✅11.12: “Grinding” vs Negotiating.
✅11.13: Change Orders & The Contingency Reserve.
✅11.14: Staging.
✅11.15: Timeless Renovations.
✅11.16: Fads / Trends / Designing / Accents.
✅11.17: Hack Lowes Pricing: 15-20% Off. #NotSponsored.
✅11.18: Extras from your Renos.
✅11.19: Renovation Security Hack #NotSponsored.
✅11.20: Interior/Exterior: Paint Colors, Brands, Sheens & Accent Walls (and notes on Ultra Pure White).
✅11.21: Carpet.
✅11.22: Only use THIS flooring & RULES for Renovations: Old vs New vs Cheap vs Expensive.
✅11.23: Living through a Renovation.
✅11.24: EVERY Contractor HATES These 2 Things.
✅11.25: Life-Expectancy of Products.
✅11.26: Whole-House Surge Protection (IMPORTANT for Device Longevity / Appliances / Rentals).
✅11.27: DO THESE 2 THINGS on ANY Expensive Renovation or Job before Paying.
✅11.28: MUST use this for Tiling.
Section 12: Hacks & Pitfalls.
✅12.1: Bank Hacking your Way to Wealth.
✅12.2: Rent Hacking AKA Rent to Rent.
✅12.3: House Hacking Single Units & Multiunits / Living for Free.
✅12.4: BRRRR – The Pros and Cons of the BRRRR Method and the Cashflow Psychology.
Section 13: Investing Methods.
✅13.1: Wholesaling.
✅How to Flip a Contract / Hotaling
✅13.2: Flipping.
✅13.3: Buy & Hold.
✅13.4: BRRRR.
✅13.5: Delaware Trusts.
✅13.6: REITs.
✅13.7: Syndicates.
✅13.8: 401k Investing (self directed).
Section 14: Property Types.
✅14.1: Single Family.
✅14.2: Condos / Townhouses.
✅14.3: The Multi-Family 2-4 Unit Deal.
✅14.4: The Larger Multi-Family, 5-15-Unit Deals.
✅14.5: Complexes: 15+ Units.
✅14.6: Mobile Homes.
✅14.7: Manufactured Homes.
✅14.8: Industrial, Office, and Strip Malls.
Section 15: Investing Principles.
✅15.1: NEXT.
✅15.2: The 30-Minute Rule.
✅15.3: AirBnB.
✅15.4: Land.
✅15.5: Passive Income.
✅15.6: Partnerships.
✅15.7: Employees.
✅15.8: Finder’s Fees.
Section 16: Insurance and Legal Protection.
✅16.1: Insurances: Liability & Workers.
✅16.2: Insurances: Vacant Homes.
✅16.3: Insurances: Earthquake, Flood, or Peril.
✅16.4: Insurances: Last Serviced Dates & Volunteering Defects.
✅16.5: Commercial: Business Owners / Tenants.
✅16.6: Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).
✅16.7: Insurances: Umbrellas.
✅16.8: Family Trusts.
✅16.9: Hide your Name from Public Records.
Section 17: Tax Strategies.
✅17.1: Deferral vs Savings vs Waiver vs Credit.
✅17.2: Homeowners Exemption & Rental Hack PLUS Flip Hack.
✅17.3: Tax Benefits of Owner-Occupied Properties.
✅17.4: Tax Benefits of Rental Property.
✅17.5: Rental Property Loss Carryover.
✅17.6: 1031 Exchange and HACK to NEVER Pay Taxes.
Section 18: Doing a Deal.
✅18.1: Writing an Offer & Negotiating.
✅18.2: Opening Escrow.
✅18.3: Timeframes, Liquidated Damages, & Contingencies/Rights to Cancel.
✅18.4: Rules for your Lender.
✅18.5: Closing and BLAME Rule.
Section 19: Tenants & Property Management
✅19.1: Finding Tenants.
✅19.2: Do THIS Before EVER Showing a Prospective Tenant.
✅19.3: Screening Tenants, Credit, Hacks to Screen, the Next Frontier for Lawsuit, and MUST FOLLOW RULES WITH KEYS.
✅19.4: Move-in Inspections.
✅19.5: Pre-move-out Inspections.
✅19.6: Move-out Inspections.
✅19.7: Commonly Missed Items for Inspections.
✅19.8: What’s “Too Small” (Deductions).
✅19.9: Ordinary Wear and Tear.
✅19.10: Do you have to “Make the Repair.”
✅19.11: How to Write Letters / Move-Out Inspections.
✅19.12: Lease Agreements: Month to Month vs Lease.
✅19.13: Should you Hire a Property Manager?
✅19.14: Cash-Paying Tenants and my Trick for Getting Paid.
✅19.15: Advertising a Unit: Before, During, After Renovations?
✅19.16: Flash the Cash.
✅19.17: Tenant-Providing Credit Reports.
✅19.18: Expected Life of Improvements.
Section 20: How to Start.
✅20.1: With $0 AND Zero Income vs $0 and Some Income [DPA].
✅20.2: With $20,000.
✅20.3: With $150,000.
✅20.4: With $500,000.
✅20.5: With $1,000,000+.
✅20.6: Special Notes for Investing At 19.
✅20.7: Special Notes for Investing At 30.
✅20.8: Special Notes for Investing At 50+.
Section 21: Actual Examples.
✅21.1: Comping a Real Deal (Screen Share).
✅21.2: Writing an Offer (Screen Share).
✅21.3: Before and After: $19k (Screen Share).
✅21.4: Before and After: $23k (Screen Share).


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