Mindvalley – Jade Shaw – The Art of Astral Projection

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Mindvalley – Jade Shaw – The Art of Astral Projection
Original Price: 999$
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Author: Mindvalley – Jade Shaw
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Mindvalley – Jade Shaw – The Art of Astral Projection
Original Price: 999$
You Just Pay: 39.95$(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Mindvalley – Jade Shaw
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Ever get the feeling that you’re helplessly, frustratingly stuck?
At times you might feel stuck in your body: whether it’s physical pain, fatigue, or even just the logistical drama of your consciousness being shackled to a meat sack.
Maybe you also feel stuck in your mind: like through emotional pain, unwanted habits or patterns you can’t shake off, or sad memories seared onto you like a tattoo.
Or it could even be more of a soul affair: in the sense of a longing for a clearer purpose, direction, or a connection to your true self or the Universe.
But why stay stuck when you can fly?
Astral projection (also known as a controlled out-of-body experience) is the ultimate spiritual practice that rockets you far beyond your perceived limitations –
Towards a multi-dimensional wellspring of growth, freedom, and clarity.
Whether you use it to explore your deepest truths or the farthest reaches of the cosmos, it’s an exhilarating, fascinating, transformative, soul-opening, rejuvenating, accessible, and completely natural experience.
And now that everyone from quantum physicists to Hollywood producers can’t stop talking about it – it’s one that more and more people are waking up to.
Unlike what you may have been told, astral projection isn’t hard. Anyone can pick it up fast, and no special skills or gifts are necessary.
All you need to do is follow the correct, proven steps.
And these steps are what you’re guided through in The Art Of Astral Projection: a program with acclaimed altered states teacher Jade Shaw that elevates you into a high-flying explorer of the astral realms in just 28 days or less.

The Definitive Guide To Astral Projection:
Now Everyone Can Fly

The Art Of Astral Projection is a landmark program by altered states luminary Jade Shaw: in collaboration with Mindvalley and The Monroe Institute, the organization credited with bringing out-of-body experiences to the West.
Through an optimal balance of Western psychology and Eastern tradition, the program guides you through an easy-to-follow four-level process for experiencing and mastering astral projection.
Throughout the program, you’ll focus on the two key areas of astral travel:
Outward exploration and discovery: embarking on astral adventures to places, planets, dimensions, and people (both alive and deceased), beyond the constraints of space and time.
Inward growth and healing: gaining key guidance, personal growth, self-awareness, and clarity of purpose, while also healing grief, overcoming fears and emotional pain, and finding inner peace through astral travel.
In addition to its 28-day daily training curriculum, the program also includes 3D gamma synchronization sound technology: engineered by The Monroe Institute to guide your mind quickly, smoothly, and reliably into the necessary state for astral travel.
The Art Of Astral Projection gives you everything you need to embark on a lifetime of astral journeys – and experience all the benefits of this life-changing practice.

The Curriculum
Explore The Art Of Astral Projection curriculum

The Art of Astral Projection on multiple devices
The Art Of Astral Projection is an easy-to-follow online program that empowers you with the fundamentals of astral projection: followed by the ability to embark on your own self-guided astral journeys.
Every day for 28 days, you’ll join Jade Shaw for 15 – 20 minute micro video lessons designed to gradually and consistently grow your astral projection knowledge and ability.
The curriculum is divided into four distinct parts, each with its own focus and goals.
With Jade as your guide, you’ll experience all the dimensions and possibilities of astral travel. You’ll learn how to navigate both the astral planes, and your own mind for the best experiences. And you’ll emerge with a lifelong practice you’ll use for many decades to come to explore, grow, and transform to your fullest potential.
Week 1 The flight pad – preparing your body & mind

  • Your adventure begins by donning your wings, and gaining a solid foundation in astral travel. You’ll discover what astral projection really is (and what it isn’t), what you can gain from it, and how to transcend the blocks most beginners face when trying to experience it.
    Highlights include:
  • The little-known truth about astral projection: what is astral projection beyond all the myths, hype, and misconceptions? What you learn here will transform your understanding of it, and open the doorway to experiencing it in its most authentic form.
  • The first ignition key to astral travel: discover the easy way to achieve and master the Mind Awake Body Asleep (MABA) state – the optimal state for experiencing astral projection.
  • Banishing the two enemies of astral projection: fear and limiting beliefs are the two main reasons most people can’t cross the threshold. You’ll discover the most efficient way to overcome them for good.
  • And much more.

Week 2 The take off – learning to fly
Once you’ve gained your astral wings, the next step is knowing how to use them. Here you’ll learn how to get your mind, body, and energy body prepared for lift-off: all through a series of simple techniques that make astral projection accessible for anyone.
Highlights include:

  • How to safely leave your physical body: learn the most effective and consistent way to achieve the vibrational state for detaching your consciousness from your body (and returning to it without fear or hesitation).
  • Mapping the fascinations of the multiverse: astral travel isn’t just about exploring the world – but also other planets, universes, and dimensions. You’ll gain a map of what to expect, and the incredible places you can visit without ever leaving your bed or sofa.
  • The Wake Back To Bed method for out-of-body experiences: this technique induces an out-of-body experience almost as easily as snapping your fingers. You’ll discover how it works, and how to do it fast.
  • And much more.

Week 3 Starting to soar – practice makes perfect
Next, it’s time to go deeper and farther with a series of advanced techniques that empower you with more options, more freedom, and more solutions to common astral travel obstacles. What you learn here will elevate you from a beginner to a highly competent astral explorer.
Highlights include:

  • Embarking on longer, deeper & richer astral journeys: from gaining clarity in your astral ‘eyes’ to controlling flight and jumping realities – discover advanced methods for improving your astral travel skills.
  • Why sleep paralysis is a gift: most people think of sleep paralysis as an unwanted affliction – but once you know how, you can use it as a gateway to some of your most rewarding astral adventures.
  • Going deeper through sensory deprivation: discover how to conduct your own Ganzfeld experiment, and harness the science of sensory deprivation to experience more vivid and transformational astral journeys.
  • And much more.

Week 4 Ascending & flying to higher destinations
The final step of your journey takes you into the realms of astral projection mastery. Here you’ll discover the highest levels and functions of astral travel – including soul retrieval journeys, reconnecting with deceased loved ones, and even transforming your relationship with life and death.
Highlights include:

  • Encounters beyond life and death: discover how to connect with spirits, entities, and deceased loved ones and family members in a space of love and safety. Ideal for healing grief and finding closure when you’re struggling to move on.
  • Healing your soul, embracing your shadows: follow these steps to embark on soul-affirming astral journeys that reconnect you with your deepest truths, shine light on your true purpose, and allow you to embrace your shadows rather than fear them.
  • The art of conscious dying: are you anxious or uncertain about your own death, or the death of a loved one? Discover how to harness astral projection to gain a new liberating perspective on death, eternal consciousness, and life itself.
  • And much more.


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