Mystery – Live Online Training

$997.00 $127.00

Mystery – Live Online Training
Original Price: $997.00
You Just Pay: $127.00 (One Time – 92% OFF)
Author: Mystery
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Mystery – Live Online Training
Original Price: $997.00
You Just Pay: $127.00 (One Time – 92% OFF)
Author: Mystery
Sale Page_n/a
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Special Announcement…
…About An Exclusive Live Online Training…
Can ONE TRAINING ​Really​ Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Your Success with Women in 2019?
From The Desk Of Mystery (Erik von Markovik), November 23rd 2018
Dear Fellow Pickup Artist, If you’re a DEDICATED PUA… Specifically someone who’s actually leaving the house, opening groups, and actively WORKING to improve his pickup artist skillset…
But who perhaps lives in a country far, far away…
Or perhaps hasn’t been in the financial position to attend one of my bootcamps in the past…
Then this may be the most important announcement of an exclusive PUA training you’ll ever encounter. What I am offering is a New Year, a New You.
New for 2019, Mystery is running LIVE ONLINE pickup training courses, where you get to learn from the man himself, LIVE, from the comfort of your own couch, WHERE EVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD.
But hang on! We are not going to make things TOO comfortable for you..
Because Pickup isn’t all about comfort (pun intended). 
There WILL be homework, and we will not cut you any slack.
You see, student success and immediate results is something Mystery passionately cares about. (After the training, do keep us in the loop and send us a picture with your new girlfriend! Happy students, happy Mystery.)
Like thousands of Mystery’s previous students, Your life is about to be changed next.
Learn the M3 model taught by the man himself, acquire the keys to confidently open conversations with strangers, and build a skillset to attract women into your life.

What is Mystery’s Live Online Training?

  • A live online conference for a limited amount of participants where Mystery teaches personally

  • 3 seminars are held one week apart, every Saturday at 11am PST (Los Angeles time)

  • Each seminar is 2-3 hours long

  • Students take part in the seminars through video and get to ask their questions from Mystery personally

  • Students are given homework each week and finally a 90-day action plan to keep the learning curve going

  • All you need is a functioning internet connection, pen and paper for notes

  • The seminar will be recorded and for the students to keep

  • Prerequisite: read the Mystery Method: How To Get Beautiful Women into Bed

  • Age limit 18

On a Live Online you’ll be given the keys on how to

🔥 Find, meet, attract and talk to beautiful women

🔥 Create emotional connection and sexual tension instantly

🔥 Tell stories that captivate an audience

🔥 Keep a conversation alive

🔥 Flip the script: Get women to pursue you

Perhaps you could not make it to one of Mystery’s bootcamps due to logistics..
 Perhaps a sudden change in life situation…
Perhaps because of your financial situation…
And this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.
In 2019, it’s your turn to become a social superstar!

live online by mystery

    Stuctured Game vs. “Natural Game” and why building a solid foundation is the key to long lasting success

    Attraction, Comfort and Seduction

  • Openers and Gambits

  • The art of Negging

  • How to beat approach anxiety

  • Mystery’s 5 levels of Game

  • Comfort buildi

  • Seduction

  • Body language

  • Tonality

  • Peacocking: does it still work?

  • How to keep a conversation alive

  • How not to get friend zoned

  • The 7 hour rule of seduction: Why shouldn’t I invite the girl home after 30 minutes of chatting?

  • How to know what pickup phase you are in

  • ​Winds of Change: Picking up Women in 2019 and what has changed since The Pickup Artist aired on VH1

  • Inner Game

  • Hot Game

  • Instagram, texting, social media and pickup

  • Ghost vs. Flame

  • Calibration

  • How to build a vibrant social circle that sets you up for life

    Why live online training?
    Just like in martial arts, you can spend months or years reading books and watching videos on YouTube, but will you actually get anywhere until attending a training with a proficient coach? 
    During Mystery’s Live Online training, you will break through your fears and bad habits that have kept you stuck, maybe for years. You will be trained using the same methods that Mystery used to coach all the other big names of the industry, including Neil Strauss and Tyler Durden, as well as thousands of Mystery’s happy students who went from zeros to heroes.
    Mystery has helped countless men turn their lives around: his method is not only applicable to attracting women but also gives tools to improve family, friends and business relationships. For most men, finding love is eventually what it boils down to, and Mystery loves hearing stories of how his method helped men to find their better half and start a family. 
    You will finish Mystery’s Live Online training with newly acquired tools to take your entire life to the next level.
    How long is the training? How many hours of teaching is there?
    Mystery’s Live Online consists of 3 separate online conference sessions, held one week apart every Saturday. Each training takes 2-3 hours. The event isn’t too formal and you will get your chance to ask your own questions. 
    Is discount pricing available?
    We do not offer special discounts (e.g. students) at this time.
    What do I need to attend?
    Pens, pencils, your notebook, open mind and great attitude. Each student goes through screening before payment has been accepted to make sure Mystery and you are a good teacher-student match.
    Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with the training?
    We do everything in our power to deliver an excellent training, and hope you do everything in your power to be an excellent student. Mystery has a 95% general student satisfaction record and a 100% satisfaction record for Live Online, so we are 97,5% confident you’ll be happy with the training! Therefore, as a rule of thumb, Live Online does not have a refund option.
    Can I record the event with my phone?
    No. Mystery’s material is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, and any unauthorized recording (via either audio or video) is strictly prohibited. The materials you are provided in the training are protected by copyright laws, and are for your personal use at and after the event. You will be given a recording copy of the Live Online training, but may not distribute it further or download it online. You are not allowed to formally teach any of Mystery’s material (The M3 model) without legal agreement. The content may not be copied, posted online or otherwise distributed. 


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