Perry Marshall – Rosetta Stone Activate 2021

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Perry Marshall – Rosetta Stone Activate 2021
Original Price: $2249
You Just Pay: $89.95 (One Time – 97% Off)
Author: Perry Marshall
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Perry Marshall – Rosetta Stone Activate 2021
Original Price: $2249
You Just Pay: $89.95 (One Time – 97% Off)
Author: Perry Marshall
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

…the business you truly desire becomes easy to scale, irresistible to your ideal client, and immune to competitive pressure
Dear Marketing Professional:
Last week a stunning insight tumbled out of Joshua Long:
“When I give average business owners an online form and say ‘Describe your business,’ they give me 1-2 pages of rambling.
“But for those who’ve experienced THE SHIFT, it’s 2-3 sentences. Definitive. Unique. Crisp. Clear.
“Not only that…
“Average entrepreneurs work 10-12 hours a day, just keeping their heads above water.
“POST-SHIFT they work 3 hours a day. They’ve transcended ‘the struggle for the legal tender.’
“Average guys are assaulted from every side. Thick competition. Duking it out over price and delivery. Trying as hard as possible to disguise the fact that they’re selling commodities. Taking clients guaranteed to make them miserable… just to pay the bills.
“POST-SHIFT, their business castle grows more immune to competition the bigger they get. Bigger Castle → Fatter Moat.
“POST-SHIFT, I advise ‘em: ‘Get a hobby. Take up a sport. Or start another company. You still need a creativity outlet. But your business is not that outlet. Your biz is so dialed in now, you’d better make sure you don’t ‘fix’ stuff that ain’t broken.’”
The essential part is the moat. Because if your castle isn’t protected by a big fat moat, you will a-l-w-a-y-s be looking over your shoulder. Scuffling with fickle customers, wrangling with skinny profit margins, until the day you die.
Your ticket to freedom is your moat. If your moat is strong… the hobby, the sport, and the new venture are all in the offing.
Just after Christmas, in December, entirely by accident, I literally stumbled upon a real moat at a real castle.
My 16-year-old son Zander and I escaped COVID lockdown to Ireland during our winter break. The Irish had eased travel restrictions, so we seized the opportunity. Six days of un-rushed, father-son Renaissance Time.
One mile from Ventry, we happened on the 1300-year-old Rahinnane Castle as we drove down a narrow road on a cold morning. We glimpsed it completely by accident! This castle was built in the Beowulf era!
Reactions to the Rosetta Stone Seminar
A gorgeous morning. The sun was rising over Dingle Bay. We parked and headed for the castle. As you see here, it’s three stories tall. It still has a functioning stairway heading up to the second floor.
We clambered around inside the castle and walked the grounds. I snapped some pictures of Zander.
Being “castle-clueless modern Americans” we were initially puzzled as to what the deep depression in the landscape was, immediately around the structure.
Suddenly Zander said, “Dad, can’t you see? It’s a MOAT!”
DUH. I guess the only moats I’d ever seen were the ones in children’s story books. You know, the ones where the turrets have cute little triangle flags waving above. Literally walking right through an actual moat caught me off guard!
Here is a photo taken from inside the moat:
The photo above was taken standing inside the moat looking towards the castle. The picture below was taken within the moat looking forward as you walk around it:
This moat is 30 feet deep! Filled with water or not, when you’re looking across the land from the castle, it’s more than clear that it would D-E-L-A-Y any invader attempting to come across. Your foe would be an easy mark for spears, bows and arrows, and boiling water.
The photo below was shot from the nearby road. Please notice: The moat is NOT AT ALL obvious from the road, yet affords significant protection from anyone who wants to rob you, murder your family and steal your stuff:
Wikipedia reports: “Local tradition once claimed this piece of land was the last in Ireland held by the Vikings, as it was so easily defended.” The only reason this castle is still standing 1300 years later is: The builders dug a moat.
Your moat is more important than your castle.
Businesses with moats – stiff barriers to competition – are modern-day fortified castles. Since I taught Google Ads to more people than anyone, I’ve witnessed the joyous birth – followed by bitter sickness and death – of tens of thousands of TEMPORARILY profitable businesses.
This is why I am utterly disinterested in businesses that can’t or won’t last for a long time. If you want to build wealth, I recommend you adopt this same stance.
There are two kinds: “20th century moats” and “21st century moats.”
Companies with “20th century moats” (land, buildings, capital) grow more complex, more onerous, more unwieldy – and harder to defend – the bigger they get.
Companies with 21st century moats (Network Effect) get simpler, more focused, easier to explain and more competition proof – the bigger they get.
If your business has not yet experienced THE SHIFT, the answer is not another band-aid, not another sales gadget. The problem is usually the engine itself.
If you’re still hustling to take whatever business that comes in, if you’re saying ‘yes’ to everyone in pants, if your product offerings are all over the place, if you still can’t volley back with a definitive answer to what do you do that NOBODY ELSE can do, we’re ready to help you fix that.
Rosetta Stone: Activate makes THE SHIFT easy and automatic. In Rosetta Stone 2018 I handed out 12 powerful tools. In Rosetta Stone: Activate I’ve streamlined this to one assessment tool, the Rosetta Scorecard, and one Rosetta Process Flow Roadmap. John Fancher will help you complete these during the Implementation sessions. These X-Ray tools reveal the hidden skeleton of the scalable, irresistible, competition-proof enterprise.
In this course we make it simple and straightforward for you to hone a flaccid Unique Selling Proposition into a clutter-penetrating Definitive Selling Proposition. Your USP will improve dramatically in 45 minutes, and you’ll emerge with a roadmap to dominating your marketplace with a power DSP. This will, in turn, make your paid traffic less expensive; it will increase your conversion rates; it will deepen your ability to pay for advertising, thus you acquire more new customers with greater ease than ever before.
We’ll prune and pare down your sales message to exactly resonate with your most desirable buyer. This makes your emails, social media posts, ads and promotions more effective and less confusing. (A confused mind always says no.) Don’t work harder – market smarter.
We will laser-identify your most red-hot, bleeding neck ideal customer so you meet the need none of your competitors can or will meet. This permits you to sell in a competitive vacuum, releasing you from the relentless pressure from competitors.
We’ll develop a road map for your most ideal offer, striking the ideal balance between “what your customer wants” and what you can effectively and authoritatively deliver. Usually this is 30% adding features and 70% REDUCING features. (Not the other way around!) This lightens your workload and overhead. It strengthens your margins and profitability.
Suddenly you see with tremendous clarity how easily overlooked ingredients in your business turn out to be invisible moats and levers against encroaching competitors.
This is incredibly valuable, because your ability to think – breathe – act – create – enjoy – put money in YOUR bank account and not only always invest it back into the business – has more to do with your immunity to competition than any other single thing. We will strengthen those competitive barriers. Your best moats are largely invisible until they become invincible!
This refreshingly simplifies your life and opens up new s-p-a-c-e that restores your depleted creativity reserves.


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