RankXL – Authority SEO 2.0

$599.00 $59.95

RankXL – Authority SEO 2.0 – Zero To 100.000.00 Visitors Per Month
Original Price: $599
You Just Pay: $59.95 (One Time – 90% OFF)
Author: RankXL
Sale Page :_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


RankXL – Authority SEO 2.0 – Zero To 100.000.00 Visitors Per Month
Original Price: $599
You Just Pay: $59.95 (One Time – 90% OFF)
Author: RankXL
Sale Page :_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Authority SEO 2.0
SEO strategies to take your website from zero to 100,000 visitors per month
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Read these three statements, and then ask yourself this: “What applies to me?”
“I struggle to attract enough traffic to my site.”
“I want to build a website that makes money.”
“My SEO campaigns keep falling flat.”

If you agree with even one of the above, I’ve got good news for you:
Help is here!
I’ve been where you are now. I know that building a website is damn hard work. And making a decent profit is even harder.
But, today I own Alpha Investors – an industry leader in building and selling profitable authority websites.
I’m not being boastful when I say I know more about SEO than almost anyone else in the world. It’s just a fact.
And for a long time I’ve had my eyes on a company called RankXL, because the guy who founded it, Chris Lee, is a bona-fide SEO genius. The course he wrote – Authority SEO – is one of the best ever. It has helped thousands of ordinary people like you to profit from website-building and transform their lives for the better.
So, when Chris offered me the chance to buy RankXL, I snapped his hand off.

The main reason was I wanted to get hold of Authority SEO and put my own spin on this amazing course.
I’ve taken it – and I’ve super-charged it. The result is Authority SEO 2.0.
It’s now bang up to date and packed with all the stuff I’ve learnt in more than a decade in the SEO sector.
Sure, I’ve kept some of the elements from the old course – Chris really knows his stuff – but there is now so much more in there.
Authority SEO 2.0 gives you the practical tools you need to drive high traffic to your site and make real profit.
It’s the stuff I’d want to know if I was learning now
It’s things I wish I’d found out a decade or so ago (because they would have made, and saved me, a lot of money)
It’s advice I don’t freely share – as these are the secrets of my trade
This course will help you quickly drive up to 3,000 visitors per day – 100,000 visitors per month – to your site.
All free from Google search.
And when you’ve got those sort of numbers – you’re going to make money. BIG MONEY.
You CAN do this!
The fact is that you don’t need any special talent to succeed in this game. And you certainly don’t need to be super-smart.
SEO is not rocket science.
But you must know what works – and what doesn’t – and be able to follow a strategy that will boost traffic to your site.
And that’s what Authority SEO 2.0 gives you – techniques and plans that are proven to work.
Take a look at a couple of random websites from our portfolio. What we do works, and we can prove it.
Here’s just a taster of what’s inside:
Keyword research

An updated keyword research module (now including a section for existing websites) that helps you identify the right keywords to go after (saving you lots of disappointment and frustration)

Step-by-step tutorials – all beginner-friendly – on key building blocks: like getting a domain, establishing website hosting, what plugins you really need, setting up Google Analytics, and choosing the right tools
XL strategies

A brand new Bonus XL Strategies section to drive your growth further, through techniques like Outsourcing and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
Link building

An expanded link building module, full of techniques to use if you’re starting your website, and after your site is established (or if you’re coming into the course with an existing website)

An expanded Monetization Module that covers way more than just Adsense. This reveals secrets on great ad networks, recommended affiliate networks, starting with your own digital products, and more
Growth maps

2 growth maps to guide you on your website building journey: the ‘5×20 Growth Approach’ and the ‘24 Month Growth Roadmap’
What’s more (and this is a big change with Authority SEO 2.0), I’ve introduced training tools to help you test and retain your knowledge – like quizzes, templates, checklists and a glossary of terms.
This ensures what you learn sticks with you, so you can put it into practice when it matters.
Also, as a special bonus you can join a supportive private Facebook community with me and your fellow website builders. It’s packed full of extra tips and advice – and there’ll be special expert appearances and regular freebies.
Plus… You’ll get our Niche Book for FREE ($49 in value)
​The Niche Book gives you 112 profitable niche ideas and over 300 keyword suggestions to help you.
You’ll also learn about the 3 very profitable markets that experts rate as the best and least risky options for website building beginners. Chris wrote this and used to sell it as an add-on to Authority SEO.
I was ready to do the same but – because it is so vital to your chances of success – I decided to include it free with the course.

Here’s everything you get when you invest in Authority SEO 2.0:
We have five modules broken down in 40+ easy-to-follow lessons. You’ll also get checklists, templates, SOPs… everything you need in order to succeed in this game. All you need to do is TAKE ACTION.

Module 1: Niche & Keyword research
I’ll teach you how to properly do niche and keyword research using proven strategies I’ve been using for over ten years now.

Module 2: On-page SEO & Site structure
You’ll learn how to properly set up your site and what are the most common beginner traps when it comes to the on-page SEO and how to avoid them.

Module 3: Off-page SEO & Link building
This is where most people give up. I’ll teach you how to systemize your link building efforts and how to build links at scale with as little effort as possible.

Module 4: Monetization & Growth
Once you get all that free organic traffic, it’s important to make sure that you make as much money as possible per visitor. I’ll teach you how to do that and how to optimize your site for even more growth – both in traffic and revenue.

Module 5: Bonuses – XL Strategies
Psst… This is top secret 
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