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Truth Seminar 2019
Original Price: $1999
You Just Pay: $119.95 (One Time – 95% Off)
Author: Perry Marshall
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Truth Seminar 2019
Original Price: $1999
You Just Pay: $119.95 (One Time – 95% Off)
Author: Perry Marshall
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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in 2019 and Beyond.

Dear Marketing Professional:

Do you see ads like this in your PayPal account?

This ad is for “Loan Builder,” a business born in Planet Perry. PayPal purchased it from a Planet Perry member for a fortune. Now one of the biggest lenders in the world today, they’ve axis-shifted the banking industry.

Another Planet Perry member was earning $50 an hour managing clicks four years ago. Now he has a company worth about a million. It’s profitable, the customers are insanely happy, it’s growing at double-digits. It’s axis-shifting its market and his company is eminently sellable.

Another guy, exactly two years ago, was the typical Planet Perry serial entrepreneur / consultant, hustling, straddling two gigs, trying to manage the ADHD. In 2019 he owns a new movie studio with 1.1 billion dollars in backing. He’s playing in the same sandbox as Disney and Universal. Axis-shifting the movie biz.

I’ll tell you more about these guys soon, but they all have three things in common:

  1. All sought a deeper truth about their market and business… and accepted that truth before others did.
  2. All employed a process to reach this buried truth, a process they performed intuitively which has never been explained before now.
  3. All three made business-as-usual obsolete.

Each ushered in a New Era. Reminds me of the Jurassic Park movie:

MALCOLM: God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.

ELLIE:(finishing it for him) Dinosaur eats man. Woman inherits the Earth.

YOU have a carnivorous T-Rex fixin’ to eat you – all the time.

You know: this time next year, your products, services, offerings must be better, faster, cheaper, more impressive, more efficient, more effective… Everything must get better all the time… And you also know that once every three or five or ten years, a little better is not enough. Cuz someone is going to totally disrupt, and all clocks get reset to zero.

But if I say to you: Go to Starbucks for two hours this afternoon. When you return, you must bring home at least three options for re-inventing yourself. Your team will cast a vote and in six months have new products on the market.

Oh, and by the way… incremental tweaks won’t cut it. Radical re-inventions only.

Could you?

99% could not. Why? Because there’s no formula.

Not before now.

At the Truth Seminar, AKA “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction” May 21-23, 2019 in Chicago, I’m delivering the formula, along with detailed, up-close insider views of a half-dozen Axis Shifters who’ve done the same.

This is NOT the all-too-common dog and pony show of shazam-o speakers and marketers and power point presentations. This is me pulling the stories out of Axis Shifters… turning off the cameras and tape recorders when asked… exposing the meat and grit of their thinking.

Because in all these (and many others too) there is the imperative:


Six months ago, I could not have articulated or explained this to you. But in late 2018 I started tracing the pattern I had missed for so long. This pattern was common to all three cases above; it was common to dozens, possibly hundreds of Planet Perry members, and every single one of my own inventions and innovations.

I’ve de-constructed and re-invented …

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • 80/20
  • Business strategy
  • Evolution
  • Theology
  • Psychology
  • Acoustics
  • Manufacturing
  • Mathematics
  • Marketing
  • …and across 100+ industries, as I’ve helped thousands of clients re-invent businesses, careers and professions.

…but I’ve never explained how until now. Before now, I couldn’t.

Why 99% of business are “Diminishing Returns”

99% of businesses are Diminishing Returns businesses. Above a certain point, the more you put in, the less you get out.

It provides you with a beautiful lifestyle at $2 million… and it’s a cortisol-injecting, stress-drenched death trap at $4 million.

A SELECT FEW businesses (1%) are Exponential Growth businesses. Above a certain point, the more you put in, the MORE you get out.

It’s a bleeding red money pit at $1 million… and a GUSHER at $10 million.

“Info marketing” is a Diminishing Returns business… consulting is a Diminishing Returns business…

Manufacturing is a Diminishing Returns business. Most “professional service companies” are Diminishing Returns.


Software as Service is an Exponential Business. InfusionSoft is a perfect example – estimated to be worth $967 million last year. InfusionSoft was born in Planet Perry.

Another good example would be the company Planet Perry member Casey Graham sold. He got over $10 million for an App that collects church offerings.

Swift Capital, sold to PayPal for a much larger sum of money, is also an Exponential Business. It is now known as “Loan Builder” and their ads are seen by hundreds of millions of people.


Diminishing Returns businesses are EASY to start… and HARD to cash out of.

Exponential Growth businesses are HARD to start… and EASY to cash out of. Often they fetch 4X revenue or more. A $5 million company might fetch $25 million. It makes its founder wealthy.

When I worked at Synergetic, we transformed a Diminishing Returns model into Exponential Growth model – and our $4 million company (with $2 million of debt) was bought by a public company for $18 million.


Is there a way to connect the two? Is there a way to start in a Diminishing Returns business and transition to Exponential Growth so you get the best of BOTH worlds?

The answer is a resounding YES. I’ve personally participated in this several times. I’m doing it again now.

At 11am May 22, Day 2 of Truth Seminar, I’m going to unveil a “Universal Voltage Adapter” for connecting your Diminishing Returns business to an Exponential Growth business.

One of my special guests, who 1 year ago was a regular rank and file Planet Perry consultant and serial entrepreneur, now presides over a movie studio with $1.1 BILLION of backing, because he employed this type of model.

You can join us live in person, or via live stream. Register now to get the pre-event education stream!

It’s a universal formula. Denominators of Disruption. There is nothing this cannot be applied to. No product that can’t be re-formulated. No industry that can’t be disrupted. No profession that can’t be overturned.

The first incarnation where I recognized this pattern was my first time getting fired from a job. It triggered a series of dominoes, one after another, and even the dominoes themselves fit the pattern.

This first story has no less than six dominoes. Each would later echo back in the form of million-dollar, even billion-dollar businesses, years later. Can you pick them out? (Once you recognize this pattern, you’ll spot it everywhere.)

My first time getting fired was from a rogue FAX. My employer was W.W. Grainger, a billion-dollar wholesale firm. My fax (“from” the CEO, Mr. Keyser) said:

“We regret to inform you that Grainger stock has plummeted from 63 dollars a share to 17 dollars a share and we will be closing all branches effective Friday. We want to thank you for your years of service and hard work and we will make every effort to complete payroll for the current week.”

I slid it into the FAX machine. Tony pressed SEND. The modem chirped as it made its way to the Omaha branch.

Tony and I gleefully waited for them to call us back.

No one called. We waited and waited.

Finally we couldn’t stand it anymore. We called them.

“That was YOU??? Brenda pulled that off the Fax machine and immediately went into hysterics. She started calling all her friends and relatives, sobbing –

‘I just lost my job after 12 years and I don’t know what I’m going to do….!’

“We didn’t know what to think, so we faxed it to Des Moines.

“They didn’t know what to think, so they faxed it to Sioux City.

“They didn’t know what to think, so they faxed it to Fort Smith Arkansas…”

Apparently, my very first experiment in copywriting and electronic communication went viral! (This was 1990 when FAX machines were state of the art.)

Care to guess what my boss said the next day when he came in?


Ha ha, very funny… clever joke, but a nasty kick in the teeth for a 21-year-old guy who’d been married for 10 months. It knocked me way off my game. I started flunking a summer school class and had to drop it.

I landed a local job delivering coupon books in my car. Telemarketers would pitch folks on helping a children’s charity. Selling $20 books with discounts on restaurants and stuff.

I asked the boss: “How much of that money goes to the charity?”

He stammered and didn’t answer the question.

The next day he fired me for “looking at a lady funny on delivery because she didn’t have her checkbook with her.”

(I think the real reason he fired me was my dangerous questions.)

I got a warehouse job at a chemical instrument company. Most warehouses have a printout that tells you which shelf the items are on, so you don’t have to memorize where everything is.

Their warehouse was a train wreck. These guys had 20,000 parts with no system for finding them. One day I walked across the hall and visited the IT manager. “Rich, Is it possible to add a location field to the stock picking printouts?”

“Yes. We used to have those, but Mary told us to take them off.”

The next day I got summoned to Mary’s office. Something seemed “off.” Her boss Conrad was there too.

“Rich says you talked to him about our stock printouts yesterday.”

She was angry.

“Uh… Yes, I did. I was trying to make our job easier.”

“You went over my head.”

“I hoped to find out if they could add those fields before bugging you with a suggestion that might not even be possible.”

“You don’t ever go over my head, Perry. I’m sorry but we have to let you go.”

Fired again. Third time.

Both Conrad and Mary sported company badges with a slogan:


ACME was a terrible place to work. Everyone under pressure. Paranoid. Everyone looking over their shoulder. Pins and needles. Every Sunday night I would get depressed about Monday.

My trip across the hallway threatened to blow the whistle on Mary. She was terrified news about her incompetence would spread.

So that’s how I got fired from three jobs in two months.

(My new father-in-law relished his daughter’s new husband who couldn’t hold a steady job.)

…Which is the only reason I was willing to listen when my friend Bill kept inviting me to “Network Marketing” meetings.

A year before I would have paid zero attention to such fantasies. But having been ejected from three different jobs at the tender age of 21, I was feeling cynical about the employment scene.

Bill invited me to yet another meeting. I went… but I still couldn’t figure out how to decide if this was even a good idea. It was just so… out of left field. I was in engineering school, so why would I jump out of that and do… Amway???

Laura, always the practical one, said: “Perry, if you graduated from school making $2,000 a month on the side part time, what would you do?”

The light bulb flicked on. I’d always entertained a vague fantasy of starting an engineering company. HEY! If I was already financially self-sustaining, this would be a lot easier.

All their prattle about Cadillacs and sandy beaches had been lost on me. In that moment, realized “owning your own business” was eminently practical. A profitable business on the side gives you options. So I drank the MLM pink koolaid and most folks have heard my Amway stories.

A year later Laura and I moved to Chicago. We hardly knew a soul. I had to recruit people cold. I started going to malls and stores and shaking hands every night, meeting people.

In MLM, momentum is EVERYTHING. It’s like starting a campfire. If you stoke it hot enough, you can get a blazing furnace… but if you rub your sticks in slo-mo, you might as well melt a glacier with your bare hands.

I horribly agonizingly badly wanted this thing to work… but it was an anvil. When a business refuses to work, it breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

I couldn’t “meet enough people” and “make enough new friends” to draw circles 15-20 times every month. This was killing me on the inside.

Laura had mentally checked out long before. Her mama was a farmer’s wife, and Laura’s mama didn’t raise no fool. But I was playing the fool. Throwing good money after bad.

This dragged on for years. Eventually I found myself in a new job as a young sales rep as well… where I had the same exact same problems I was having in Amway: Not enough people. Not enough leads. Not enough prospects. Not enough appointments. Not enough “deal flow.” Zero momentum.

And zero commissions.

In my quieter moments (when I wasn’t guzzling down motivational tapes) I would mutter under my breath:

“Somehow, some way, I am going to outsmart this thing!!!!” I just couldn’t see how.

(I would also catch myself thinking, no sane person would ever inflict this on anyone. But that was “stinkin’ thinkin’,” so I would immediately shove those thoughts down even deeper.)

I ambled into a coliseum in Peoria Illinois where Dan Kennedy was selling “Magnetic Marketing.” I spent the $278 and those tapes were a lot more expensive than Amway tapes. “Maybe I can generate leads for Amway AND my sales rep job.”

I lugged that giant manual home and started doing lead generation. Sending out sales letters, making offers, getting appointments. I tried a bunch of things. Several panned out.

My direct marketing experiments actually DID work – as well as anyone could reasonably expect from a young pup like me, anyway.

But the cost of each appointment was $50 to $200. I wrote in to Dan Kennedy. Dan told me: “Your numbers are respectable. $100 an appointment is right in line.”

I listened and considered. I said to myself, “Perry, what you just did was you converted shoe-leather, manual-labor, go-to-the-mall-and-meet-people into ‘put money in slot and out comes appointment. You systematized this.”

I reasoned to myself: “A top expert says your numbers are not bad. Plus… didn’t you used to spend two to five hours walking around shaking hands to get that one appointment before? Would you spend $10 (or even $40) to save yourself one hour? What is your time worth anyway?

“But… if you have to pay $100 per appointment, and you only sponsor one out of five or ten, and most flake out after two weeks… the numbers in this business just don’t pan out. Multiply this out all the way to Diamond… you’ll spend $400K to get $100K back!

“Yes, of course you can get people under you to do this, but they’ll just be losing money the same way you are now. If you’re making $100K, it’s only because they’re losing $300K! It’s just passing the buck, that’s all. No sane investor would finance the whole shebang – ever. Your distributors are working for negative twenty bucks an hour. If they valued their time they would stop.

“DANG… this is economically impossible. It makes no logical sense!”

I also realized: There are tons of other businesses with way better economics.

I decided… this phase of my life is OVER. I hung it up.

I guess I just had to learn the hard way… it wasn’t good enough for me to take the word of all the cynics and skeptics out there (who were too lazy to do something like this anyway).

Just cuz they were lazy didn’t make them wrong about Amway. Someone had to prove to me I was wrong. I had to prove it to myself!

So once my own real-life experiment got carried out that way… once I had experienced and seen it with my own eyes… the truth was inescapable.

I redirected energy into my job at Synergetic, where I was sales and marketing manager – and into online marketing side businesses, from various websites to selling stuff on EBay.

My life quickly transformed from: I pour 55-gallon drums of work, sweat and passion IN and I get nothing but misery and heartache OUT … To…

“I am consistently getting traction with every move I make!”

I cannot tell you what a ball and chain the previous failures were. They were eating my intestines. And I also cannot tell you how edifying and inspiring my new successes were.

Four years later Synergetic got sold to Lantronix. I got $268,000 in stock options. Parachuted out and started my current business.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but as I was jamming Direct Marketing and Amway together, I was executing a brilliant, repeatable strategy that I would use for the rest of my career.

I wasn’t just taking someone’s word for it. I was experiencing it, in my bones. I wasn’t blindly following the herd. I was getting some of the grittiest life experience you can imagine. The clash of machinery and ruthless sifting of ideas in the lab of harsh reality.

Decades later, I would suddenly see: this is also how you axis-shift the loan industry and get bought by PayPal for an obscene amount of money…. This is how a guy deeply in debt creates an industry-defining company worth seven figures in four years… this is how you pivot the movie business 90 degrees and summon $1.1 billion of capital in one year.

This is a De-Construction + Re-Invention Engine with a finite assemblage of parts and a specific type of gas tank and transmission and wheels.

This is how you transform the landscape YOU live in and work in, right now. You do it by penetrating the darkness and reaching the deeper truth.

You see… Amway was a set of beliefs, propositions, assumptions. Amway was a model, it was a product, a service… a collection of teachings and culture. All of which taught you “how to sell.”

But Direct Marketing was a larger, more universal set of beliefs, propositions and assumptions. It too was a model, a product, a service, a collection of teachings and culture.

DM too told you “how to sell.” But it told you how to do it anytime, anywhere, not just in a cult-like organization with rallies in Salt Lake City and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Everything in Amway fit in the direct marketing box, somewhere. DM was a universal acid.

A “group” was a list. Recruiting folks and building an MLM organization was simply an alternative means of growing a customer base.

Tapes books and seminars? Those were information marketing. They were sold on a continuity program.

If you separated the information marketing part of MLM from the “alternative distribution” part, you realized that selling picks and shovels to the coal miners was a FAR more profitable business than coal mining.

In fact it was so profitable they didn’t tell you A SINGLE WORD ABOUT IT until you attained ‘Direct Distributor’!

(Let’s put it a different way. More accurate way to say it: The coal mining sucked so bad, if they had not bolted a moderately profitable picks-and-shovels business on the back end and cleverly concealed it from the minions, it would have been doomed.)

Once I welded these two worlds together, I understood BOTH vastly better than before. When I applied the tools of Direct Marketing to MLM, it revealed to me that the economics were so upside-down, they called for an anti-gravity machine.

Then… as I framed what they were teaching me in the craft of copywriting, persuasion, headlines, tribe-building, hypnosis and NLP, I became awakened to how shamelessly manipulative and cultish the whole thing was.

I would be lying to you if I told you I coldly, objectively and rationally detached and immediately stopped. I did not. I was not and am not Mr. Spock. It took time to absorb this truth and come to grips with the fact that I had thrown good money after bad for years. I tapered off.

It took a long time to face the fact that the those ‘losers’ who told me I was an idiot were right. (Even though they didn’t know why they were right.) Ego and insecurity had made me a MARK with a big red bulls-eye on my forehead.

My friends were enjoying peaceful evenings of TV and Doritos with their families while I drove across Indiana in a snowstorm to sell more people more pink koolaid. I was the loser not, them!

My rose-colored glasses shattered. Once I fully embraced the truth, I never looked back.

(Once or twice a year, I still have a dream where I am supposed to recruit all these people. In my dream, I’m telling myself that it really is possible, and it really is going to work this time… then I bolt awake in pools of sweat and realize it was just a dream…)

DM+MLM was one of my early experiences of willfully JAMMING TWO WORLDS TOGETHER – and discovering that one always shatters the other…

OR makes it ten times better.

(There is a shattering in the world, even now.)

I would repeat this again and again and again. Each iteration would improve. Years later, approaching age 50, I saw how do it deliberately, methodically, systematically. With calculated skill, speed and efficiency.

THIS is one of the most valuable skills ever. You can use it to spice up your next vacation… or invent the next Snapchat. And it’s not even all that difficult once you get the hang of it.

Please don’t miss the fact that if you took all kinds of other industries – like Chiropractic or pet videos or membership programs – when you joined those things together with Direct Marketing, you got something amazing.

  • DM doesn’t break Chiropractic. It brings patients into your office! It educates people about alternative medicine.
  • If you jam together Search Engine + Direct Response Marketing, you get Google advertising. A $100 billion industry!
  • DM doesn’t break the internet… it becomes the internet!
  • If you merge Social Media + Direct Response Marketing, you get Facebook ads… a $50 billion empire!

In Other Words:

  1. Discover New Truth
  2. Capitalize New Truth
  3. Get Rich

People in Planet Perry do this regularly. Some version of this is going on all the time, somewhere… but we’ll do it a lot faster once everyone grasps the pattern.

The reason Amway splintered into pieces was: it wasn’t a real business. Direct marketing elbow grease exposed it for the papier mâché that it really was.

In my career I have used this same formula to not merely execute improvements… but total re-inventions that became movements! Not just in marketing, but across many industries:

  • Principles established in my first Google book in 2003 are now the gold standard of a $100 billion industry. The biggest innovation in advertising in 50 years.
  • I didn’t merely evangelize 80/20. I re-invented it. Transformed 80/20 into a verb. My fractal 80/20 equation was published in Harvard Business review in June 2018. 80/202 has become a movement that will continue long after I have left this earth.
  • “Building the Maze” became the industry standard for email and autoresponders. “Maze 2.0” is likewise becoming the gold standard for social media advertising.
  • My Evolution 2.0 Prize is an award for the most fundamental question in all of science that can be precisely defined. It’s the biggest prize on Peter Diamandis’ HeroX platform. If someone wins this prize, their discovery will transform the world in ways as unimaginable as E = mc2, the discovery of DNA or the invention of the transistor.
  • “Renaissance Time,” “Pre-Gutenberg,” “Memos from the Head Office” and my methods for eradicating Financial Head Trash are among the most transformative resources anywhere in the personal development space.
  • The Star Seminar (2014) with Richard Koch laid new foundations for what entrepreneurs aspire to. A higher standard. Individuals worth millions and now tens of millions credit this event as pivotal to their success.

Rosetta Stone Seminar (2018)

Rosetta Stone (2018) synthesized my most powerful discoveries of the last 20 years. Multiple clients now credit it for millions of dollars of increase. The 3D Tactical Triangle places everything in marketing into the most elegant framework in the history of selling.

What all these have in common is: Re-casting and reforming the foundations of entire professions. I said, “Everyone is obsessing about X. But X is not your problem. Your real problem is Y, and nobody is taking about Y.”

I ignored X. I fixed Y. And a new profession was born.

Why? Because the truth I discovered was more fundamental, more accurate, more foundational than any that came before, it enjoyed superior longevity and adroit results.

In ALL these discoveries, the rabbit hole runs deep. For example, 80/20 Sales and Marketing has produced billions of dollars of new revenue and established thousands of successful careers – even though most of those same people grasped less than 20% of what I was really saying.

Behind ALL of this there is a map. A way of searching for and defining a truth so solid, no hammer can break it. Plumbing the depths of ANY swamp. Imagine traveling to the very center of the earth and finding the roots beneath the roots… that’s what I do. That’s how I re-invent professions and industries. And you can too.

And THAT is the formula I’m revealing at the Truth Seminar. How to locate the real truth deep in the bowels of the earth… a truth suddenly obvious to everyone once YOU have revealed it. This in turn enables you to re-invent your product, your industry, your profession. In many cases it makes YOU the founder of a NEW industry that did not exist before. It makes you the Star.

80/20 marketing was a great concept until 2013. Today it’s an industry and a phenomenon. Everyone in marketing talks about 80/202 now. They talk about it the way I teach it in my book.

Pay Per Click was an unorthodox way of buying ad space in 2003. Today it’s a vast profession. Millions of birds nest in its branches.

A few months ago I realized that MANY Planet Perry members have done precisely this: THEY have re-invented entire industries!

There is a formula behind this formula. Only in the last few months have I become conscious of it.

I’m working with a 22-year-old guy with a very small but profitable business. He questioned a key assumption about generating leads and got a big breakthrough in his real estate business. Within a few weeks he had turned this into an information product and was selling it very profitably.

But then I asked him to question that assumption. I said, “The business you just created is easy to start and hard to scale. Here’s a different way to do it that’s harder to start but easier to scale. Two years from now you’ll be thankful you challenged your premise.”

If this guy gets good at challenging assumptions he’ll be LETHAL by age 35 and a legend in his fifties.

MOST people in MOST industries AVOID doing this at all costs. They get their degree and after age 25 they just coast. But let me tell you another example from when I was a teenager.

What follows is my personal story of a crucial, axis-shifting decision. This would later echo back in a hundred different ways, enabling me to bridge dozens of worlds that never talk to each other.

This story tipped dominoes that continue to fall to this day:

My dad was a pastor. His best friend Virgil was in charge of the counseling department at the same church. This was a LARGE church (for Nebraska anyway) – 2,000 to 3,000 people. It was a tiny little city. A beehive of activity. It wasn’t even possible to know everybody.

Virgil was an innovator. Virgil endeavored to combine the very best, time-honored Jewish and Christian wisdom about human beings with the tools of modern psychology. Virgil was merging two worlds – ancient and modern. An interdisciplinary integrator. (This might not sound all that cutting edge right now, but please remember this was the 1980s.)

His boss, Mr. G, didn’t like psychology. At all. He preached sermons about its evils.

My dad defended Virgil’s endeavors against the attacks of Mr. G.

Here’s why:

When I was 12, my mom went “bipolar.” Manic depressive with mild schizophrenia. But for a year and a half, nobody knew that’s what was wrong with her. We just knew she was impossible to live with.

The fights, the arguments and contention would start as soon as I got home from school every day and stretch past bedtime.

Our entire family was bedlam for 18 months.

Mom would swing from being your best friend to your worst enemy at the slightest provocation. One minute she’s telling me I’m the sweetest, most capable child the world has ever known, then six minutes later she turns on me and I’m the worst burden life could have ever hurled at her.

I’d come home from school and find boxes of my stuff tossed in the garbage. She’d say embarrassing things to my friends. She would do strange things when they came over.

She insisted dad wasn’t really her husband. She said he was a man who looked just like Bob and she was sentenced to live with him until the ‘real’ Bob came back. When he came home from work she would hurl accusations at him. My brother and sister and I would complain bitterly to him about how she was treating us.

It was almost impossible to not get sucked into some kind of conflict every day. Home was the most dangerous place a kid could be.

My dad was taking her to doctors and counselors, but nobody seemed to be able to reach any conclusion. People watched us with a judgmental eye.

Dad started getting heat from his boss, the senior pastor, Mr. G, who didn’t like the fact that one of his pastors’ wives was “out of line.”

Mr. G quoted the scripture that says a pastor should be in control of his family and told dad if he didn’t straighten out mom’s problem, he might have to leave.

Dad pursued answers. Eventually he got mom to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist diagnosed her with a chemical imbalance and bipolar disorder.

That trip to the psychiatrist was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Psychiatrists and psychologists, in Mr. G’s opinion, were the new high priests of a secular order that would dismiss all human failures as medical malfunctions.

According to Mr. G, psychiatrists didn’t have the courage to call evil by its real names – SIN and DISOBEDIENCE. They existed to give people like my mom an alibi. Mr. G declared Mom insubordinate and rebellious.

What People Are Saying About the Rosetta Stone Seminar…

“It was like getting struck by lightning.”
— Jordan Gerding
Corvallis, Oregon


“Rosetta Stone will someday be regarded as one of those ‘I was there’ moments, like dancing to Pink Floyd when they were playing in a railway shed and the tickets cost 50 cents. Perry Marshall laid the foundation stone for the future.”
— Derek Dearden, London, UK


“Perry, based on seeing only a rough draft of your sales page, I’m buying airline tickets for Rosetta Stone from Australia. I bill out at $2750/hour. So taking a week out of my business, flying 14 hours each way to spend a week for this in the US, will equate to $2,750 x 40hrs = $110,000. That’s the value I put on my decision to come to this event.” — Ari Galper, creator of Unlock The Game®

What People Are Saying About the Star Principle Seminar…

“This was the kind of information that nobody else in our world is talking about.

It’s exponential. It’s all about really positioning yourself and making your life easier, while at the same time, having a bigger impact in the world…

I highly encourage you to invest in this, because this’ll totally change your paradigm in ways that nothing else in our market will.”

– Teddy Garcia,, North Carolina


“This will change how we ask all of our questions going forward. And the answers to the questions that we ask ourselves are probably going to increase our revenue 10 times.”

– Adam Libman, Los Angeles California


“While most conferences talk about marketing and marketing your business, this focused on what type of business you should build to market.

And while there’s all kinds of seminars about working less, this focused on exactly what you should be doing to have a much greater impact in less time.”

– Robert Skrob,, Tampa Florida


“What Richard and Perry talked about was a complete paradigm shift and made me realize that we don’t need more ideas – we know everything we need to know – we’re just not putting our focus in the right area.

And they shared a formula for achieving breakthroughs in your business and your market that are locked away in your head. They show you how to unlock that stuff and be in a position where you don’t have to worry about the competition because no one else is thinking like this.

So, if you get a chance to get your hands on this material at all, I recommend it more highly than any seminar I’ve ever been to before.”

– Megan Macedo, The Business of Self Disclosure, London


“This seminar just blew my mind. I’ve been in the business 25 years. I’ve been learning from all the greats. I’ve learned so many different disparate things.

And what this event did, is it connected everything together – everything I’ve been doing for the past 25 years. All kids of things that have kind of been percolating in my brain for years – this gave me greater clarity on everything.

I also discovered that I was making a very big mistake I my own business, which I’m now going to rectify thanks to what I learned here.”

– Paris Lampropoulos, World Renowned Copywriter, New Jersey


“I go to a lot of trainings. I have coached with some of the greatest, top-of-the-line coaches in the world for the last 20 years.

And I’ve got to say that this event was amazing. I can’t recommend it highly enough. You need to get this if you’re interested in having a business that’s going to smoke the competition – leave everybody in the dust by creating your own niche and being number one in that niche.”

– Scott Keffer, Pennsylvania


“This seminar I was on the fence. I didn’t know- either it’d be really good or it’d be terrible. And it was actually fantastic. I have not heard from anyone else, the stuff that you get from Perry and Richard Koch.”

– Rich Jacobs, Austin Texas


“What Perry’s brought to the table with Richard Koch is confronting, mind-bending, inspirational, and makes me think how can I 10X, 100X my business? Not just through techniques, and checklists, and new things to do, but new ways to think, to reformat, to reposition the business so I can grow to -and remain- number one in the category.”

– Ari Galper, Unlock the Game, Sydney, Australia


“I’ve been a huge Richard Koch fan for years. I’ve read most of his books. And honestly, I was kind of wondering if there was going to be a lot of new stuff that I was going to learn?

And I’m happy to say that there was a lot. He really went deeper on a lot of the topics. There are a lot of new nuances that I came away with that made the seminar extremely valuable.

So, if you’re thinking of buying the videos, I would say definitely do it, because this is material that could absolutely change your business and change your life.”

– Bill Harrison,, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

What People Are Saying About Perry…

“Perry Marshall is a certifiable genius in his intellect and his understanding of far more than mere marketing. He’s written two of the most definitive books on Google AdWords and 80/20 Sales and Marketing. Online he is an icon.

We’ve had some of the most stimulating and thought-provoking discussions, because his mind is very expansive. He gives you comments and advice that are reality-based. They’re not ludicrous, they’re not ‘get rich in your underwear’.

I find him intellectually enormously stimulating, his work enormously valuable, actionable, practical and real, his intention and purpose noble.”

– Jay Abraham, Founder & CEO, The Abraham Group


“It pays to study Perry Marshall.”

– Frank Kern


“This was the kind of information that nobody else in our world is talking about.

It’s exponential. It’s all about really positioning yourself and making your life easier, while at the same time, having a bigger impact in the world…

I highly encourage you to invest in this, because this’ll totally change your paradigm in ways that nothing else in our market will.”

– Teddy Garcia, Raleigh, North Carolina


“This will change how we ask all of our questions going forward. And the answers to the questions that we ask ourselves are probably going to increase our revenue 10 times.”

– Adam Libman, Los Angeles California


“While most conferences talk about marketing and marketing your business, this focused on what type of business you should build to market.

And while there’s all kinds of seminars about working less, this focused on exactly what you should be doing to have a much greater impact in less time.”

– Robert Skrob,, Tampa Florida


“I go to a lot of trainings. I have coached with some of the greatest, top-of-the-line coaches in the world for the last 20 years.

You need to get this if you’re interested in having a business that’s going to smoke the competition – leave everybody in the dust by creating your own niche and being number one in that niche.”

– Scott Keffer, Pennsylvania


“If you don’t know who Perry Marshall is—unforgiveable. Perry’s an honest man in a field rife with charlatans.”

– Dan Kennedy, Author, “The Ultimate Marketing Plan”


“I’ve recommended 80/20 Sales & Marketing to thousands of people. It’s required reading for my marketing, product and sales team members. It’s the single most useful marketing book I’ve ever read.”

– Emerson Spartz, CEO –


“You’re in for one of those explosive moments when an interesting notion becomes a momentous epiphany because Perry Marshall is about to blow your mind! Read slowly. Put down often. Do what Perry says. Then we can all go out to lunch and celebrate!”

– Michael E. Gerber, Author, The E-Myth


80/20 Sales & Marketing earned me at least $20,000 in the first 6 months. There’s an avalanche of great books on SEO, email marketing and Facebook advertising, but 80/20 gives you the bedrock principles of how to grow a business.”

– Joshua Earl, Freelance Copywriter


“If you fail in your ability to apply the rules of ‘opportunity discernment’, 80/20 and The 4% Factor in your life as an entrepreneur, you’re wasting 96% of your valuable resources. Hungry for more wisdom and examples of how to turn your business around with the 80/20 rule and The 4% Factor? Grab the 230-page book.”


“Every marketer should read 80/20 Sales & Marketing. It is in my top five all time marketing books with Jack Trout’s ’22 Immutable Laws of Marketing,’ Claude Hopkins’ ‘Scientific Advertising,’ Cialdini’s ‘Influence’ and David Ogilvy’s ‘Ogilvy On Advertising.’”

– Roland Frasier Principle with


“If you haven’t read 80/20 Sales & Marketing, you’re out of your mind.”

– Sam Carpenter, Author, “Work The System”


80/20 Sales & Marketing is seriously the best damn business book I’ve read in the past year. There’s something about that guy I love. He’s a big thinker, an honest man, and a true student of advertising.

This is not just another marketing book by the latest Guru of the Week. Perry’s the dude who quite famously cracked the code on AdWords. He’s the guy I call when I have a question.

Perry takes 80/20 to a level no one else has ever taken it before. Then he explains how to turn that knowledge into traffic, leads and real sales.

If you are a business owner, this is the blueprint to maximum profits with minimum work. Seriously worthwhile.”

– Jonathan Mizel, Cyberwave Media, Maui Hawaii


“Best business book I’ve read this year. Focusing only on the 20 percent of the 20 percent that really matters, using the power curve, and reverse thinking has made my business extremely profitable. Once you understand how to disqualify, work less, and make more, life flows naturally. Powerful, little-known concepts are clearly articulated with terrific real world examples and concise summaries.”

– James Schramko, Founder, SuperFast Business

Literally on the same day the diagnosis came back, Mr. G and Mr. J, the pastors of our church, visited our house to deliver the news. We all sat in our living room as they announced, “We’ve asked your father to resign from his responsibilities. He’s no longer qualified to be a pastor.”

I listened without much comment. I was 13. My older sister, however, was livid. At 18 she’d formed definite opinions about what had transpired. She started sobbing and retorted angrily to Mr. J: “If people knew what YOUR daughter does when she’s out at night, they’d be forcing you to resign too.”

Mr. J said, “We’re not here to talk about me or my family today, Robin. We’re here to talk about you.”

Earlier that day, dad had been brought before the Board of Elders to hear their final verdict. One by one, they cast their vote with Mr. G:

“Bob, you’re not in control of your family. We’re sorry, you have to step down.” Mr. G demoted dad. Before his sermon on Sunday morning, he announced to 2,000 people that dad had “resigned” so he could “attend to problems with Betty and the family.”

(Many people were forced to “resign” under Mr. G.)

Dad’s demotion: Before, pastor in charge of Adult Education. After: Back-office editor of Mr. G’s church-published books.

Dad followed through with the psychiatrist’s advice to get her on a prescription drug. Literally within a few days, mom transformed from defiant and combative to quiet and cooperative.

Mom’s bizarre behavior stopped completely. Not only that, she went from being angry and defensive to feeling deep remorse about her erratic behavior.

Soon it became clear that Mr. G torpedoed dad simply because mom had a medical problem – a chemical imbalance – and that mom’s behavior wasn’t “sin” or “rebellion.” It was a well-understood mental illness. She couldn’t help herself.

Dad was hurt and humiliated and felt abandoned. He desperately wanted to bail. A lot of people told him he should quit his job, especially our relatives who understood the scope of the situation.

Dad thought about pulling up stakes, moving elsewhere.

He decided to stick it out. To argue his case and vindicate himself.

Mr. G. was powerful, articulate and intimidating. Nobody had the balls to stand up to Mr. G. But dad did. As mom’s condition improved, he said, “Mr. G, you made a wrong judgment and you need to apologize to my wife.”

Furthermore, dad made Mr. G write her a letter of reconciliation, because by this time mom had become terrified of Mr. G. He had, after all, the ability to singlehandedly destroy dad’s career.

Nine months after dad had been demoted, my dad was reinstated.

THEN, two months later:

Dad got cancer.

Which is a huge long sad story. Cancer treatment roller-coaster and all the rest. Three years later he was terminal.

During his very last days on earth, dad told Virgil: “You better be prepared to defend your department. Cuz after I’m gone, Mr. G is gonna come after you with a spear.”

And Mr. G did exactly that. He dismembered the counseling department and threw Virgil out.

Just before Virgil’s permanent ejection, I visited Mr. G in his plush, well-appointed office with Latin-script wallpaper. I was 19.

“Mr. G, Virgil wants to integrate Christian teaching with psychology and create the best of two worlds. What’s the problem with that?”

“St. Paul didn’t need psychology. He did just fine without it, Perry. We don’t need it either. If people are doing wrong things, we just confront them and tell them to stop.”

My mom sure needed her psychiatrist. (But Mr. G. already should know that by now.) I replied, “Well St. Paul didn’t have radio or TV either, Mr. G. But your sermons are on TV and radio.”

“That’s true Perry, because we’ve chosen to use TV and radio. But I don’t want psychology. I’m in charge. It’s my choice. It’s too easy to make mistakes. We’re just going to use the Bible. Nothing else. My way or the highway.”

“Well,” I thought. “At least he’s telling me the truth. Unilateral decision. End of story.”

I didn’t argue further. But… I went home and thought about that conversation.



Finally, after weeks of considering, I decided:

  1. My spiritual tradition represented 4,000 years (!) of accumulated wisdom, history, tales of adventure, consequences, love, hate, grudges, forgiveness, comfort and absolution. And yes, p-l-e-n-t-y of human psychology. All this had been hammered VERY hard by the smartest people in the world. All that… pretty useful.
  2. Modern psychology offered 100 years of a different branch of wisdom… and nobody knows better than me, whose mom was greatly helped by a psychiatrist, that your Holy Bible can’t solve every problem in the world!
  3. So… If we bring these two worlds together, we get the best of both…
  4. But if we shield these worlds from each other, both worlds stay impoverished and isolated like distant islands in the Pacific.

I discovered: When you merge two worlds together, you learn way MORE about each than you would EVER learn by sealing them off from each other!

Each perspective has a funny way of pounding the slag off the other. They never completely agree. They don’t neatly line up. It’s a lot of work, breaking stuff and putting it back together.

But it’s also incredibly rewarding. Because when you do it well, you get synthesis. Symbiosis. You 80/20 both sides; all kinds of stuff gets discarded as wrong, irrelevant, fragile or useless… but whatever’s left is absolutely amazing. Each piece experiences a death… AND a resurrection.

Most people are so terrified of death, they never get to the resurrection part.

So let’s just speak the truth right here:

You’ve got ideas, models, enterprises, assumptions that need to die.

Death is painful. YES. I know.

But… after that comes resurrection.

You can drag that old coffin behind you, absolutely self-assured there’s a live body inside, only to find out one or five years later (or ten years) that it was a corpse all along.

Or you can open the box and check right now… then get humpin’ with whatever the answer is. It’s like Schrodinger’s cat. Might be alive; might be dead. You don’t know ‘til you open the box.

Which would you prefer? Delay the awful moment of truth, or get to it NOW?

There’s a meandering history of companies trying to merge cell phone apps and taxis together. Fits and starts. Eventually Uber hit the jackpot. And setting aside all the hoopla about billion-dollar empires… I’m just thankful that I can go anywhere in the world and a car picks me up in 3-10 minutes.

No need to rent a car, don’t have to find a parking space… In 2017 I sold my Infiniti G37 convertible and I just take Uber now! No parking. No gas. No insurance. No car payments. And it costs less money.

The taxi industry is buried… but Lyft and Uber are ten times bigger than that old creaking monstrosity ever was! Resurrection.

That’s what happens when you jam dissimilar worlds together. What I really discovered was:


This is the path I’ve chosen. When you hold a system, a belief, a business, a worldview, a product, a service… you expose it to anything you can. You mount it on the anvil and smash it with your sledge hammer.

If it’s good, it holds. If it’s brittle and fragile, it shatters into a million pieces. Like Amway.

YES, it’s messy. YES, it jacks up assumptions. YES, it may pull the rug out from under you… but it’s worth doing anyway.

So that is how I have lived my life ever since.

I have been earning compound interest on this for 30+ years.

From $50/hour to 7-Figure Net Worth

One gentleman was literally making $50 an hour as a freelancer when he came to one of my seminars. He was soaked in debt. He asked himself some very hard questions and the result is a business that is now transforming an entire industry.

He’s completely debt free.

He’s profitable.

Cash in the bank.

His customers are insanely happy. As in, over the moon.

Substantial, stable, monthly recurring income.

Customers in adjacent niches begging him to expand his business into a related space.

He hasn’t been “hands on” in the business in almost two years. Everything is management-level supervision and systems.

He’s joyfully obsessing over every detail, making it better by the week.

I estimate that in five years, IF he wants to, he’ll be able to sell his enterprise for $10 million.

IF he wants to.

(But it’s a great business NOW. And he doesn’t ever have to sell it if he doesn’t wish to. He hasn’t made any decisions that commit him to that. He’ll explain the whole thing at the Truth Seminar.)

The reason it’s working is, it’s like a skyscraper with steel beams anchored in bedrock 500 feet below the earth’s surface.

It’s built on rock not sand.

I’ve created an entire entrepreneurial CULTURE of people who think and work and act like this. It’s the only one of its kind. You can find this nowhere else.

You can go to any seminar and come home with… Notes, manuals, audios, videos… products that you bought…

Come to THIS seminar and you experience a ROOM FULL of people who are committed and sold on the rigors of de-construction, re-invention, death, resurrection and symbiosis… brave men and women who have the courage to put their most cherished assumptions on the anvil and swing that sledge hammer as hard as legally permissible. They’re not afraid to witness the pieces flying in every direction, unafraid of murdering sacred cows.

The net worth at the Truth Seminar will exceed a billion dollars. Not many seminar hosts can say that. And almost zero seminar hosts can assure you that everyone in the room is also kind, approachable, humble, down to earth human being. But that’s who we attract and that’s who you’re rubbing shoulders with for three solid days.

You do not know who you will sit next to or who you will have the opportunity to meet.

Rosetta Stone Seminar (2018)

When Susan Kruger came to Rosetta Stone in 2018, she said, “I walked in the room and it was like coming to a wedding! Faces I had not seen in w-a-a-a-a-y too long, catching up, swapping stories, reunited with old friends and mixing it up with the most exciting, adventurous people!”

Yes, that’s exactly what it’s like because we treat each other like family.

You have conversations in Planet Perry that you can have nowhere else because no place else cultivates “bottom of the swamp” people who explore such a wide range of interests. This is the most eclectic crowd in the marketing scene and they come knowing that they will always get something new… not a pitchfest and not a bunch of recycled John Caples quotes and Gary Halbert-isms.

YOU can axis-shift industries too. (Not my way. YOUR way!) Why? Because the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

As a celebrated rabbi said: “The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”

In all I’ve done and taught, I’ve insisted: “Get to the bottom of the swamp. Build your business on bedrock. Because… if you set what you do on correct foundations, the benefits will proliferate for years. In ways you cannot imagine. If you don’t… I pity the fool.”

In May for the first time ever, I’m issuing a complete formula for this.

  • Finding bedrock
  • Using your X-Ray machine to find FAULTY bedrock and splitting it apart
  • Going deeper to ground your product, your project, your market, or even your entire profession on firmer foundations
  • How to solve problems that people assumed were unsolvable for decades… even centuries (I’m dead serious, you’ll see when you get there.)

And I will showcase – in DEEP DIVE fashion – more than a half dozen Planet Perry members who have done this.

Featured Guest: Mr. D: One Planet Perry member, almost totally unknown (even to our insiders), has literally re-invented movie distribution (!!!) and now manages 1.1 Billion dollars (billion with a B) of assets.

Just two years ago he was the guy who came to a City Tour meeting and talked to me in the hotel lobby about an idea he hoped would work out – and that wasn’t even the business he’s in now!

He was very, very typical Planet Perry: A consultant and serial entrepreneur between gigs. He had this idea of how to harness talent from the Philippines, he was tinkering with cryptocurrencies, and he had a long-running side-career in film-making. The usual stir fry of disparate interests. The kind of path that makes mothers-in-law lose sleep at night.

Again, I’m describing this guy as I experienced him in July 2016.

Because of his interdisciplinary interests, fingers in so many pies, and as an outsider, he clearly saw an endemic problem in the movie industry. Elephant in the room. He realized that the interests of investors, producers and distributors were badly misaligned. How come nobody can see this but me?

Mr. D. architected an axis shift for the movie industry. He dreamed of organizing a production studio that would embody his ideas. A friend was organizing a film conference in Hong Kong, and offered him stage time.

He went to Hong Kong and raised $136 million in the summer of 2018!!!

But that wasn’t all… because a major career in the movie industry experienced a meltdown, the investors from that project became refugees. They presented him with $1 billion in additional investment backing. Investors told him: “We are tired of playing patty cake with bureaucrats. We want to invest with you.”

An ordinary, unassuming serial entrepreneur from Planet Perry is now playing in the same sandbox as Disney and Universal Studios. With different rules.

Nobody has ever heard of this guy. But he just came back from Germany where he rented a castle for shooting his next motion picture.

This story sounds outlandish, I know. You probably believe I’m telling the truth… but you likely don’t believe you could pull off anything on this scale.

May I challenge that assumption? Last week when I talked to Mr. D, I said: “You are experiencing the jet stream of 95/5. EVERYTHING tilts your direction.”

At the Truth Seminar I’m going to sit this guy down and he’s going to tell you his whole story. This would have never happened if he had not de-constructed the assumptions of his business and questioned the assumptions (which is VERY hard to do). Would not have happened if he hadn’t had a long-standing, almost torturous obsession and love-hate romance with movies and films.

We’re going to show how his industry-shaking approach is 100% consistent with my Denominators of Destruction model. You get to peek under the hood as we show you the process we use to AXIS SHIFT the film industry. The same process works in your industry.

The Truth Seminar will feature over a half dozen such phenoms.

This is not just “case studies” and power point presentations. No, you get the REAL stories. I will sit with them on stage (like Larry King or Charlie Rose) and interview them. I will pull their stories out of them, pinpointing the turning points, discoveries and their struggles.

Including several incredibly vulnerable stories of my own that I’ve never told in public before now.

How many seminars credibly promise to show you how to literally topple empires and re-invent industries, professions and markets?

If you’re looking for a Google seminar, Facebook seminar, information marketing seminar, 80/20 seminar, lead generation seminar, attitude adjustment seminar, motivational seminar… go somewhere else. But if that’s all you want… you’re thinking too small. And frankly you’ve probably missed the train already.

Once you axis-shift your industry, your competition is zero. You have no “rivals.” It’s Blue Ocean.

You redefine the rules, so all other players play by YOUR rules.

This isn’t about publicity stunts. This isn’t about “appointing yourself the expert”. It’s got nothing to do with masquerades. This isn’t merely “rhetoric” or “sales pitch.” (Though lesser practitioners will reduce it to that.) This is PURE SUBSTANCE. It’s the truth.

Locating buried treasures that all others have missed.

The Truth Seminar will deliver the exhilaration, brain food, community, numinous atmosphere, interpersonal voltage and stimulation you expect from my events.

Watch while we AXIS SHIFT the marketing industry:

Megan Macedo took [one] of the most vaunted rules in all of marketing and smashed it. She literally invented a new kind of marketing collateral. In so doing she pulled off one of the hardest jobs anybody ever does in marketing or entrepreneurship.

(This was so clever, I didn’t realize how profound it was for three years. Once she explained it, it still took a few months to wrap my head around it.)

I myself only came to this realization because my Evolution 2.0 project was getting diminishing returns. I had sold 10,000 evolution books. Top 5% of all science titles. Most people would be satisfied with that. But I wanted to sell a million. (This issue is too important not to.) No matter how much firepower I threw at it, it wasn’t getting enough traction.

Sometimes that’s a sign your core idea is doomed. I knew that wasn’t the case here. Yet I was still casting about trying to figure out how I could frame it. I tried adding new technology, but that landed with a thud. I tried various sub-markets and sub-niches. I attempted an eclectic array of rants. But over and over again, the clutch would slip.

If you make a radical change to ONE axis of a system, the whole thing changes. This resulted in major surgery, a complete reversal of how I approached the promotion. Megan and I went to work and a few days later emerged with a fresh approach. An approach based on completely rejecting one of the most fundamental “truths” of marketing.

Early Indicator #1: I get on a podcast and one of the co-hosts starts busting my balls. I had booked the appointment by taking a technological “AI” approach, and he couldn’t wait for a bunch of boring acronyms and techno-latin. (And he didn’t mind saying so.)

On the show I channeled a different voice, based on Megan’s norm-defiant rules. 75 minutes in, the host says, “Dang, this was supposed to be a 60-minute interview and we’re 15 minutes overtime and this is enthralling! Can you come back for another episode?”

The other host said, “Yes! And I’ve got three other podcasts I want you on too.” This had never happened before with Evolution 2.0.

Early Indicator #2: Three weeks later, I give a related talk at a party. Afterwards, two bartenders come up to me (hired to pour drinks, no prior connection whatsoever to my story or project) and said, “That was an amazing talk you gave. Absolutely fascinating. Where do I find out more?”

Early Indicator #3: The next day, a videographer, also a hired gun, came up to me and said, “That was captivating. Where do I get your book?”

And that isn’t all. Megan helped me uncover a signature pattern in my own work through a process she invented which I have asked her to teach at the Truth Seminar. In fact, that signature pattern was a big element in the deconstruction formula I’m teaching at this seminar.

You have never seen anything like this at any marketing seminar, copywriting workshop or sales training. I suspect many old-school copywriters will not be able to make the switch. But those who do are in for a treat. A total re-invention of marketing.

If you’ve been hanging around Planet Perry awhile, you’re hopefully familiar with Megan. But you didn’t see this.

Harness the Deconstruction + Re-Invention Machine

Are you starting to see a pattern?

  1. Identify an existing approach that’s running out of gas
  2. Put it on the anvil of an external discipline, industry or source of knowledge
  3. Pound hard until a hunk of slag breaks off,
  4. Merge new fields together to make a NEW species of idea… one far more powerful than what was before.

I’ve done that again and again and again. Finally in 2019 I have sufficient clarity to explain and teach my method.

80/20 Sales & Marketing is what happens when you merge Sales and Marketing with… Fractals and Chaos. (And also when you explain it in plain English.) I discovered that marketing gets radically simplified when you run it through an 80/20 gauntlet. In fact… it makes everything that works in marketing vastly simpler to explain!

The more times you do this… the more fields you do this in… the more powerful you become. AND: The more common threads you draw between fields, the more true your truths actually are. The more enduring. The more eternal.

What’s left after you burn everything to the ground?

If you take your idea, your concept, your product, your method, your best practices and pour kerosene on them and light a match…. What’s going to remain?

In 2010 I held a now-legendary summit in Maui Hawaii. The best Google ads geniuses in the world converged and taught all their best stuff.

In 2019, the ONLY presentation from that entire seminar that’s still 100% current is Swiss Army Knife. All the rest is outdated because of Google’s endless alterations. Swiss Army Knife will still be standing in the year 3019 because it’s fundamentally correct and true. Swiss Army Knife is a symbiosis of copywriting and evolutionary biology.

How many BRAND-NEW marketing techniques have you ever gotten at ANYBODY’S seminar that will still work in the year 3019?

Ever tried to get a small business loan from an actual bank? If you’ve ever asked your banker for money, he probably looked at you like you had an asparagus growing out of your forehead.

And supposing they told you to apply, how long did it take for the loan to hit your bank account?

If you’ve been through that, you might have some idea why PayPal’s LoanBuilder is disruptive and revolutionary. These are small business loans administered through your merchant account.

Planet Perry member Ed Harycki created Swift Capital to channel money from investors to small businesses, with loan payback automatically coming out of merchant account transfers. Ed was in thick competition with numerous rivals, so he created “LoanBuilder” to speed the loan process.

LoanBuilder made very accurate estimates and approve people in minutes. LoanBuilder was inspired by my Star Seminar with Richard Koch as a proposition simplifier and industry disruptor.

LoanBuilder further altered the rules of finance with an “80/20 fast track” that bypassed traditional credit checks and provided an accurate assessment of risk. This shifted Ed into the lead.

In 2017, PayPal bought out Ed for a VERY LARGE sum of money. (Eight or nine figures. Actual amount, not public information.)

I have another client who sold his southern plantation house on 2 acres. He moved his family into a one-bedroom apartment. Has been driving a beat-up GMC van with 364,000 miles.

His daughter sleeps on the couch in his living room. His wife hasn’t bought new clothes in 3 years. He’s plowed EVERYTHING into this business.

Guess what… right this minute, he’s trying to figure out how to get his bank to accept a $30 million wire transfer!

First order from a major overseas customer.

Normally, once these customers start buying, they buy for years. There will be more. And more.

I stopped in to see him in January. He picked me up from the airport in his beat-up GMC van. He explained how he’s taken a completely different approach to making his widgets. He found a way to make them with a $2,000 machine instead of a $100,000 machine, using a special retrofit.

It might just sound like a convenient “hack” … but it’s a fundamental improvement for making widgets. His solution is exhibit “A” of Deconstruct + Re-Invent by challenging orthodox assumptions according to FORMULA.

What if the Truth Seminar enables you to use a $2,000 machine instead of a $100,000 machine by ordering a cheap retrofit?

I have never seen a time when more people were strung out by band-aid quick fixes, and less focused on permanent solutions.

  • Most salvos at buying web traffic last days. (Weeks if you’re lucky. Especially on Facebook.). A month later you’re starting over from scratch.
  • Most people saturate their brains with news and current events that will be completely irrelevant 2 weeks from now.

Band-aids beget more band-aids. Eventually you can’t claw your way out.

Are you tired of it yet?

You become like the company you keep. If your friends are solving problems permanently, like my soon-to-be wealthy client, you will too. The Truth Seminar is a culture of permanent problem solvers.

In recent months, I’ve reached new clarity on how I solve problems. How to create solutions that last years and decades instead of weeks or months.

May 21-23 I’m teaching my method – applicable to any entrepreneur or marketer anywhere… and I’m also drawing out the REAL stories of people who likewise generate permanent solutions to hard problems.

Streaming LIVE Now!
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This does not exist anywhere else. I’ve used this over and over to great success and I’m teaching it for three immersive days of brain stimulation and problem-solving mojo.

The first three times I got fired were because of:


Challenging Authority.

I’m still making my living doing those two things. I’m a lot better at it now than I was then.

At age 21 I was ham-fisted. Lacking finesse. Sending rogue faxes and smashing your dad’s transistor radio into pieces only gets you so far in life. Breaking stuff all by itself is not exactly a highly paid profession.

Eventually, you have to de-construct things without breaking everything in sight. Sometimes you even need stealth. (You might even want to make your client think it was his idea not yours!)

From Smashing, Breaking and Shattering
Skillful De-Construction Surgery

A more recent dilemma demanded great finesse. This here is an important story because on the surface it has nothing to do with marketing. It illustrates the fact that you can travel far outside of your normal field of expertise, IF you know how to use the anvil to your advantage:

I knew I was in for yet another sledge hammer / anvil collision course when I got into an argument with my brother Bryan about evolution. We were fighting in the back of a Chinese bus. He wasn’t a person of faith anymore. He was no longer a missionary. (Extremely disconcerting situation for two pastors’ kids.)

Rave Reviews From A City Tour Workshop…

“Bryan, look at the hand at the end of your arm. You don’t think all those muscles and tendons are the result of some series of accidents, do you?”

An argument ensued. It didn’t last long. I realized: Perry, you DO NOT know the answer to this question. But today’s the day you’re going to start finding out. You need to smash biology against what you think you know about engineering, and see what’s left when the smashing is over.


When the sledge hammer starts swinging, you CANNOT KNOW what will remain when it’s done. Your dearest dream might get dashed into shards of wood and glass. It may lay pulverized on the concrete. There was nothing left of my “Diamond Direct Distributor” dream once I’d put it on the anvil of Direct Marketing.

It might be like burning down a house and finding only your chimney, the brick wall and iron tongs stand unscathed.

With Bryan, I went home determined to get to the absolute core of this question. As far as I could go. All the way to the bottom of the swamp.

I knew this might upend everything I thought I knew. Bryan and I might both be atheists by the time this was done. But I plunged into the black terrifying unknown.

The bottom line is:

Fifteen years after that argument, I have defined THE most fundamental question in science that can be precisely defined: “Where does code come from?” I’ve organized the $5 million Evolution 2.0 prize, it’s the largest prize on Peter Diamandis’ HeroX platform.

The famous physicist Paul Davies invited me to announce the Evolution 2.0 prize at Arizona State University.

I have the leading geneticist at Harvard. Time magazine voted him one of the 100 most influential people of 2017. I have the leading physiologist at Oxford (who holds a Commander of the British Empire Medal from Queen Elizabeth) on my judging panel.

I’ve been endorsed by, and had fierce public debates with, some of the most prominent biologists in the world.

If someone wins this prize, it will be as big a deal as nuclear power or the invention of the transistor. It may unlock the secrets of consciousness itself. It might make us billionaires.


Maybe 500 years will go by and nobody will win anything. Maybe in the year 2519, the question “where did the genetic code come from” will stand as one of the unsolved Big Questions of all time.

Either way, we’re better off than before because the present state of the truth is crystal clear. (If this story piques your interest, pick up my book Evolution 2.0.) But what you need to recognize right this minute is this:

I dropped a big ugly question on the anvil… I smashed two worlds together and busted stuff left and right. I made hordes of people on the far extremes super angry… then picked up the pieces that survived the atom-smasher. In so doing, I pinpointed the KEY levers of Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Engineering.

Emboldened by this, I started merging, blending, integrating other worlds together.

At the beginning I broke a lot of stuff. But over time I learned how to approach this in a much more friendly, non-threatening and diplomatic way.

Please notice:

  • I could not maintain my relationship with my brother if I started breaking windows and smashing stuff.
  • I would not maintain working relationships with scientists at Oxford and Harvard if I were cantankerously destroying everything in sight.
  • This has the potential to spawn multiple new billion-dollar industries if the challenge is met.

Books and ideas that deal at this level of depth are called “Supertexts.”

Stories and ideas that are bottomless.

Example of a supertext: The Cain and Abel story in the Bible.
Abel makes a sacrifice. So does Cain. God LIKES Abel on Facebook, but rejects Cain.

Cain gets angry. Cain kills Abel. Then Cain becomes a fugitive for the rest of his life – a universal symbol of malice.

The Cain and Abel story takes maybe a paragraph… but it describes every blood-match in the history of humanity. It’s a supertext.

(In “Beowulf,” Grendel comes from Cain’s foul race of murderers and villains.)

A supertext is a tool that explains and untangles an endless array of problems. There is no end to the ways you can use a supertext. It’s like a gemstone that constantly gives you new perspectives as you turn it.

If your business, your product, your problem-solving is based on a supertext thinking, it will endure the most severe criticism. Weather the most ferocious competition. Survive the ravages of time.

In marketing, there are very few supertexts:

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins
Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz
22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Ries and Trout
Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy

In other words, being an industry disruptor doesn’t have to make you Public Enemy #1. You can do it with skill and finesse. At Truth Seminar I’m offering a suite of diplomatic shortcuts that may save you an amputation or two!

It took me years to figure out Amway was a pink koolaid machine. Now I pick up on stuff like that in minutes. Why? Because I have a formula, a template, a model for disruption, an X-ray machine.

The other day a guy called me with an opportunity to license a particular technology to my industry. After about 10 minutes I stopped him mid-sentence and said:

“How much money did you pay for the opportunity to be an affiliate for these guys?”

He was stunned that I even asked the question. He stammered… “Well… uh… I’d rather not say.”

“Ask if you can get your money back,” I admonished.

If you are consultant, serial entrepreneur, deal-maker or soldier of fortune, oftentimes you have TEN MINUTES to get to the bottom of the swamp. Not ten weeks or ten years. How fast you deconstruct is a decisive factor in your success.

One of my special guests, Mr. B., just closed $100 million of funding for a massive online project. Initially came into the company as an outside consultant, but flipped the tables. Axis shift. You’re gonna hear that story. It’s juicy. With ample ice cream scoops of psychodrama. (You get to connect with incredible people like Mr. B. at the Truth Seminar. They’re human. They’re accessible.)

Most folks drift through life barely ever touching a single solid fact or hard truth. Their entire life, business and relationships consist of flimsy opinions. The blind lead the naked.

But sometimes truths reveal themselves. Example:

I got an excited phone call from Jack Born. “Perry, while I was out on a run this morning, I had a HUGE epiphany!”

He says, “Perry, you know how people say marketing is Traffic and Conversion? That’s incomplete. It’s Traffic AND Conversion AND Economics. Good marketers know that great marketing can’t fix bad Economics.

“But it’s also something else. It’s 80/20. 80/20 is in the center, because everything revolves around inequality.

“Business progresses in a circle. You get T = Traffic, then you C = Convert the traffic. Then you collect money. That’s E = Economics.”

I was intrigued. But I wasn’t impressed until he added the next touch:

“And it’s also fractal. There’s a triangle inside each triangle. Here, I’ll show you.”

He draws another triangle inside each of those triangles:

He tells me to draw a triangle, with another triangle inside it:

Jack says, “Look at Traffic. It’s a Google ad. The “T” of Traffic is impressions. The “C” is clicks, and the “E” is cost per click.

Just the act of clicking on an ad is a complete marketing event with a miniature T, C and E.

“Plus it’s 80/20. All the numbers and columns in your Google account are 80/20 levers.”

He says, “The same thing happens again after they click on the ad and we try to convert them.”

DANG! Now Jack SERIOUSLY had my attention.

This became a whole chapter in 80/20 Sales & Marketing. This laser-focuses your energy because at any given moment, you only need to work on ONE thing. Traffic, Conversion, Economics, or 80/20.

Josh Long & Perry Marshall (2018 Rosetta Stone Seminar)

Then, Jack’s idea became a 3-day seminar at Rosetta Stone. There I kept zooming in, turning the gemstone and looking from every angle… by the time I was done I had a location within the Triangle for EVERYTHING IN MARKETING.

Even advanced stuff. Like the Unlimited Traffic Technique; like Richard Koch’s Simplify and Star Principle; Network Effect and Marketing DNA.

On day 3 I showed how it goes 3D… and incorporates metaphysical and theological ideas like Spirit and Logos, Mass Movements and Epic Story.

Tactical Triangle is exhibit “A” of “Bottom of the Swamp.” A truth so deep nothing can dislodge it. A truth so universal that it swallows everything.

80/20 Sales & Marketing is a supertext. It will still be 90% current in the year 2050. Why? Because it’s based on fractal 80/20 – the most fundamental law of cause of effect on earth. And the Tactical Triangle which is a supertext-level concept.

How many marketers can credibly promise you their tools will still get the job done in 2050 or 3019?

Most are teaching you stuff that won’t even work twelve months from now.

The Truth Seminar May 21-23 is the most ambitious seminar I’ve ever done because…

I’m not merely teaching supertext marketing ideas. (Lots of people do that.) I’m teaching you HOW TO DISCOVER AND CREATE YOUR OWN SUPERTEXT IDEAS AT WILL.

It’s about creating products, businesses, disruptions, ideas and industries that eclipse all others – encompass all others – swallow all others. The acid so powerful it eats everything.

It’s about creating engines that endure – so you can finally stop nailing jello to the wall.

Even if you only reach a “C Minus” facility with supertext ideas… you will solve difficult problems with ease… see around corners… solve puzzles… alter products, services, packaging.

If you get to “B Plus,” you’ll topple industries with ease.

If you get to “A Plus,” school children will read about you in history books for the next 500 years.

50% of all “experts” are educated derelicts. But master this and you won’t care about those jokers – because your work will endure the ravages of time.

Theirs will be lost to the mists of history.

Truth Seminar is for you if:

  • You are keenly aware how marketing is commoditized and “being a better marketer” is no longer a game-changer. You desperately need a different way to redefine the rules
  • You secretly long to alter the trajectory of your entire profession. You want to make a dent in the world
  • You want to practice on small things so that when you transition to big things, you don’t go splat. (Imagine running through the double doors of your hotel room, pushing them open and finding to your chagrin that the balcony is gone and you go splat – not a fun thing to experience in business)
  • You know the standard marketing bag of tricks is insufficient, so you want something that will clearly differentiate you from all others, in a world of look-alike people (all too many of which are incompetent posers)
  • You want a set of weapons that defends you against ideas that are doomed to fail – and you want to sniff them out faster than 99% of other players.
  • You want your ideas, systems, products and legacy to last a LONG time. Because you hate building things only to have to rebuild again and again.
  • You’re tired of following others. You’re tired of waiting for people to hand you formulas. You want to create your own formulas.
  • Some people at this seminar will be 20 years old. We can only imagine the worlds they’ll re-invent. But when you start de-constructing and re-inventing at age 40 or 60 or 70 or 80, it’s still worthwhile.

If you want to disrupt industries, reinvent categories, shift paradigms, trigger a cultural landslide… wrench loose entrenched dogmas, shift the atmosphere, disrupt the status quo; stand a profession on its head, defy norms, shatter conventions (and not just be a crazed arsonist) …

If you want to instigate GOOD revolutions, surprise and delight customers, tilt playing fields, steal victories from entrenched incumbents, thwart evil and be the heroic outsider…

…You need to be at the TRUTH SEMINAR. (Or glued to the live stream.)

DATE: May 21-23, 2019

PLACE: Danada House Forest Preserve, Wheaton Illinois. (Chicago west Suburbs). Not a hotel. Most hotels are stuffy and anything BUT hospitable. Danada House has a patio area behind the conference room. Horse barns, walking trails, flowers, woods. Meeting space is gorgeous with glass on all sides. Sunshine streaming and shutters if it gets too bright early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Not a sterile hotel ballroom! Not a windowless compound. No cheap plastic pens that say “Radisson.” No bowls of tasteless mints.

TIME: 8-5 each day. (Plus unadvertised bonuses, optional sessions and interesting handouts.)

FORMAT: Not the usual dog and pony show of power point slides, sales pitches and parade of ‘name’ speakers. Deep dive over three days with me and 6-8 special guests. You will not be familiar with most cuz they’re not famous. “Charlie Rose” style in-depth interviews with most.

We’ll constantly be mixing it up. My own formula will be delivered over a period of three days, punctuated by in-depth stories and interviews with my students and MANY MANY examples from every industry, profession, and school of thought you can imagine. This will span entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, venture capital, science, theology, mathematics, entertainment, philosophy, government, and human psychology. We’ll do several carefully orchestrated group and lab activities as well.

RECORDINGS: WILL be available as well as a live stream. HOWEVER – presenters at any time have the option of asking for cameras and recorders to be turned off. Several of my guests will exercise that option, and only those in the room will hear what is being said. About 90% of the event will be recorded and live streamed.

SELLING: We will be selling seats to Advanced Mastery Network 2019 and Roundtable 2020, as I have done at past seminars. We will also interview potential Private Equity Client candidates. If you’ve been to my seminars you know they are never pitch fests. The seminar is 98% pure content.

No arm-twisting, no NLP, no hypnosis, no sleaze. You can apply for Advanced Mastery Network here; apply for Roundtable 2020 waiting list here.

PARTICIPANTS: Net worth in the room will be a billion dollars plus. Extremely high-quality audience. DOERS. You can’t throw a paper airplane without hitting an industry disruptor. Eclectic crowd spanning 100+ industries. The only culture in the world that values what we value.


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