Vinay Patankar – The Systems-Driven Business Foundr

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Vinay Patankar – The Systems-Driven Business Foundr
Original Price: $497
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Author: Vinay Patankar
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Vinay Patankar – The Systems-Driven Business Foundr
Original Price: $497
You Just Pay: $69.95(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Vinay Patankar
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Learn A Simple Method To “Clone Yourself” In Your Business To Increase Profits Without Increasing Your Workload
Tried & Tested By Over 450,000 Companies Worldwide, Discover How To Build A Time & Money Saving System In Just 10 Minutes A Day

I’m basically working day and night and at the end of the day I’m completely exhausted. I feel like I’m constantly putting out fires or just waiting for something to pop up that needs fixing.
Sometimes it’s hard for me to just trust someone else to do it the right way like I would. I want to spend more time on big picture things, but I get stuck in low-impact repetitive tasks.
If you’ve ever felt this way…
You’re about to discover a completely new and radically different way of “easy systems building” which allows you to finally run your business instead of feeling like it runs you.
Because what if you could grow and scale your business faster than you ever have before…
Without YOU being the one who does the work?!
Now this might sound “too good to be true”, but you’re about to see the real stories of how countless businesses just like yours have already proved that…
…you can actually get more done while “stepping away” and working less.
And you don’t need to block off a whole week to do this, you don’t need some “McDonalds-level” complex system, and YOU don’t even need to be the one who builds it!
Just follow (or hand off) this proven 10-minute-a-day, step-by-step process for “cloning yourself” and getting your brain and unique business knowledge and process down on paper…
And watch as your business starts to run on auto-pilot while reducing repetitive errors…
You quickly increase profit without increasing workload…
And you suddenly have to spend on higher leverage activities.
And all it requires is just 10 minutes a day!
But before companies like Facebook, AirBnb, The Gap, Spotify, and Amazon were customers of his, using his process-driven framework to turn “small systems” into “big business”…
…by efficiently streamlining their workflows, increasing productivity, and saving massive amounts of time and money…
And before blowing up on sites like Product Hunt, being an alumni of the famous Silicon Valley AngelPad Incubator, and raising more than 13.3 million dollars in funding from respected brands like Salesforce, Accel, and Atlassian…
Vinay Patankar was an overwhelmed and overworked business owner.
As a serial entrepreneur he’d been running remote teams since 2009, everything from ecommerce stores, a digital marketing agency, SaaS, and even an app.
But like so many of us, instead of running his business, his business ran him.
Staying up all night working long hours until 6am managing remote employees in other countries…
Constantly finding himself “trapped” doing repetitive low impact tasks when he could instead be focusing on high-level strategy or growing the business…
Frustrated watching team members make the same mistakes over and over, costing money, wasting valuable time, and sometimes even creating legal or compliance headaches…
All while stressing out micromanaging employees, feeling like if he wasn’t there they wouldn’t do it the right way.
What had started as passion, had now quickly turned into a nagging pain.
And what was first launched as a quest to gain control over his life and personal freedom, had now overtaken everything to the point of exhaustion and near burnout.
This is the “rat race” trap so many good business owners fall into…of no fault of their own!
Because today “just work harder” is a mantra thrown around like it’s the only solution to business problems.
But working harder doesn’t fix the REAL problem! In fact, oftentimes it just creates even more chaos, complexity, and confusion.
These same people are the ones working morning to night, glued to their phones during family dinners, and who find themselves never truly able to “step away” even on weekends or vacation.
That’s why one of the biggest “aha moments” we watch business owners have again and again — especially solopreneurs or those with smaller teams of less than 10 or so employees…
So now after years of dedicating his life to escaping the rat race by working smarter not harder…
Today it’s safe to say Vinay has “cracked the code” for creating systems that free up your time and help you scale far easier than ever before.
He designed a step-by-step way to “clone yourself” so you could finally escape the day-to-day operations of the company and work “on the business” instead of in the business.
To date, Vinay’s company Process Street has already helped over 450,000 different businesses to “clone themselves” by implementing effective systems and processes into their operations.
Businesses have grown faster as they’ve switched from task-driven to systems-driven…
Founders have more freedom and free time as they now create systems to run the business and hire people who run the systems.
And ultimately, Vinay is helping business owners just like you…
…build themselves out of a job
Module 1 Creating a Systems First Business
Module 2: How to Easily Scale Your Business
Module 3: Intro to Process Documentation
Module 4: The Most Essential Worcows for a Growing Online Business
Module 5: Automating Your Processes
Module 6: Tracking & Improving Your Processes


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